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Anna Mallach

Anna Mallach is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is currently studying for a PhD in Neuroinflammation at University College London. Her research focuses on understanding the cellular interactions between neurons and glial cells, and how they break down in disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. Previously, she studied Neuroscience at both King's College London and Imperial College London. She has an interest in science communication.

BioNews Review articles written by Anna Mallach:
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Film Review: Annihilation
16 April 2018 - by Anna Mallach
Annihilation is the long-awaited second movie┬áby director Alex Garland, which is now available through Netflix. Following a meteor impact in a rural part of the USA, a 'shimmer'┬ástarts to grow: a weird barrier to the outside world, which keeps expanding and engulfing everything in its path... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Anna Mallach:
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Baby born to surrogate four years after parents' death
16 April 2018 - by Anna Mallach
A baby boy was born in China to a surrogate four years after the death of his parents... [Read More]
Estonia to DNA test 1 in 10 citizens to give lifestyle advice
9 April 2018 - by Anna Mallach
Estonia is offering a free DNA test to 10 percent of its population to identify people at risk of developing certain diseases, in the first state-sponsored personal genetic information service... [Read More]
Non-gene mutations found for rare developmental disorders
26 March 2018 - by Anna Mallach
Changes in DNA outside that of genes can cause neurodevelopmental disorders, UK researchers have found... [Read More]
New RNA editing tool shows promise for dementia
19 March 2018 - by Anna Mallach
Researchers in the USA have developed a new RNA editing approach, which could be beneficial in treating dementia... [Read More]
23andMe test for cancer risk gains FDA approval
12 March 2018 - by Anna Mallach
The first direct-to-consumer test for cancer risk genes has been approved by the US's Food and Drug Administration... [Read More]
Skin bacterium may protect against cancer
5 March 2018 - by Anna Mallach
Bacteria commonly found on skin could be used as a treatment against skin cancer, researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have found... [Read More]
Hopes of sickle cell cure with genome editing
26 February 2018 - by Anna Mallach
Genome editing has been used to correct the mutation causing sickle cell disease in stem cells from the blood of patients... [Read More]