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Alison Cranage

Alison Cranage was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and a Science Communications Officer at Alzheimer's Research UK. Previously, she studied Genetics at the University of Sheffield, and worked as a Research Assistant at Imperial College London studying innate and adaptive immunity.

BioNews Comment articles written by Alison Cranage:
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Screening for Alzheimer's Disease?
14 April 2009 - by Alison Cranage
This week BioNews reports a study that shows a gene variant (APOEe4) known to increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease is involved in the way our brains function (1). Some headlines stated that 'people could be screened for Alzheimer's disease risk', but at the moment it is not easy to... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Alison Cranage:
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Birth defect gene linked to mental illness in mouse study
1 July 2013 - by Alison Cranage
Gene mutations that can cause major birth defects may also cause more subtle disruptions in the brain and contribute to psychiatric disorders, according to a study published in PLOS ONE... [Read More]
Pee-brain: cells in urine converted to neurons
17 December 2012 - by Alison Cranage
Scientists have converted kidney cells from human urine into brain cells, bypassing the need for embryonic stem cells... [Read More]
Male DNA found in women's brains
1 October 2012 - by Alison Cranage
The presence of male DNA in female brains is fairly common, scientists have found, and likely originates from cells of a male fetus crossing into the mother during pregnancy. The implications of the phenomenon for health and disease remain uncertain... [Read More]
Book written in genetic code opens new possibilities for data storage
20 August 2012 - by Alison Cranage
An entire book, comprising 53,426 words, 11 images and a computer program, has been encoded into DNA. The data was stored and accurately read back by scientists at the Harvard University in the USA... [Read More]
World's first stem cell trial for stroke patients passes safety test
5 September 2011 - by Alison Cranage
A pioneering clinical trial to inject stem cells into the brains of disabled stroke patients has been cleared to progress to the next stage after no safety concerns were raised in the first three patients.... [Read More]
NHS stem cell services get £4 million cash injection
1 August 2011 - by Alison Cranage
The UK Government has recently announced a £4 million investment in stem cell services. The funding will enable NHS Blood and Transplant and charity Anthony Nolan to work together to increase UK cord blood collection and expand and improve adult stem cell donor registers... [Read More]
New Alzheimer's disease genes discovered
11 April 2011 - by Alison Cranage
International scientists including researchers at Cardiff University, UK and the University of Pennsylvania, USA have discovered five genetic variations associated with Alzheimer's disease. The findings are published in two papers in the journal Nature Genetics... [Read More]
Gene therapy trial for Parkinson's disease
28 March 2011 - by Alison Cranage
For the first time, gene therapy has shown promise for people with severe Parkinson's disease. Results from a proof of concept clinical trial in the US were published in the journal Lancet Neurology... [Read More]
Cells grown in lab could help research into Alzheimer's disease
7 March 2011 - by Alison Cranage
Scientists at Northwestern University, Chicago have transformed stem cells into a key type of brain cell that dies early in Alzheimer's disease. Their findings will allow scientists to study what causes the cells to die in Alzheimer's, potentially paving the way for new treatments.... [Read More]
Gene linked to late-onset Alzheimer's disease
27 September 2010 - by Alison Cranage
US scientists have identified a gene which they suggest is associated with Alzheimer's and could help uncover the causes of the disease.... [Read More]