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Dr Alexander Ware

Dr Alexander Ware is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews and intern at the charity which publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). He has completed a PhD in plant development at the University of Nottingham and previously completed a degree in Biology at the University of Bristol.

BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Alexander Ware:
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How do we make genomics everybody's business?
10 September 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
This Progress Educational Trust/Genomics England event concerned the imminent completion of the 100,000 Genomes Project, and the upcoming launch of the new national NHS Genomic Medicine Service... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Dr Alexander Ware:
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Podcast Review: Humanity's Awesome, Terrifying Take-Over of Evolution
10 May 2021 - by Dr Alexander Ware
This is something of a meta-review, as the podcast is purportedly a review of a book. The podcast is primarily a gently meandering discussion between journalist and author... [Read More]
TV Review: Biohackers
9 November 2020 - by Dr Alexander Ware
A new Netflix show in which biohackers are just a side-show to the dark side of laboratory science... [Read More]
Event Review: The Coronavirus Genome - Conspiracies, controversies, and future confidence in tackling COVID-19
29 June 2020 - by Dr Alexander Ware
I feel safe in assuming, reader, that you’re probably feeling saturated by all things coronavirus-related... [Read More]
Podcast Review: The Gene Gap - Who decides what should happen next?
30 March 2020 - by Dr Alexander Ware
Why aren't more people involved in the discussion surrounding how genome editing should be used?... [Read More]
TV Review: Storyville – The gene revolution
24 February 2020 - by Dr Alexander Ware
Storyville, the BBC4 series showcasing international documentaries, have recently aired a feature length piece entitled 'The Gene Revolution: Changing Human Nature'... [Read More]
TV Review: DNA Testing Secrets
23 September 2019 - by Dr Alexander Ware
Channel 4 News have recently produced two short films on genetic testing... [Read More]
TV review: The Big Questions - Should we be striving to eliminate mistakes from the genome? (BBC One, Series 12, Episode 2)
28 January 2019 - by Dr Alexander Ware
This episode of 'The Big Questions' starts with just that: a big question. One with no easy answer – which usually signposts an interesting debate... [Read More]
Radio Review: Biohacking – BBC Radio 4
10 September 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
Recent programmes like Biohacking are what help Radio 4 maintain its place atop my ranking of BBC media outlets. I think I'd pay the license fee for it alone... [Read More]
Game Review: Pandemic
20 August 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
'Are you willing to bend the rules?' This is the first of many questions that you will be faced with in director John Bradburn's latest project with London's Science Museum: 'Pandemic', commissioned as part of the Frankenstein Festival... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Alexander Ware:
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Space travel impairs mitochondrial function
30 November 2020 - by Dr Alexander Ware
Spaceflight is hard on the human body, and our mitochondria are not immune to its pressures... [Read More]
Scientists base-edit first viable human embryos
28 August 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
A new approach to treating Marfan syndrome may be on the horizon, thanks to developments in genome editing... [Read More]
CRISPR editing human embryos - did it work or not?
13 August 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
Controversy surrounding last year's report of a disease-gene being edited out of human embryos continues with a fresh round of evidence... [Read More]
A different CRISPR enzyme may make genome editing sharper
6 August 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
The key enzyme used in CRISPR genome editing has competition... [Read More]
Glaxo invests $300m in 23andMe to use its genomic data for research
30 July 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
The pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline is investing US$300 million in 23andMe as part of a four-year collaboration that will give it access to the DNA testing firm's genetic data resources... [Read More]
Sperm extracted from fatally injured man for partner's use
23 July 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
A UK judge has granted permission for a woman to have her dying husband's sperm harvested, to use in an attempt to conceive following his death... [Read More]
Heritable genome editing could be acceptable, says leading ethics body
17 July 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
In a new report, the UK's Nuffield Council on Bioethics has concluded that the use of heritable genome editing 'could be ethically acceptable in some circumstances'... [Read More]
Genome editing lowers cholesterol in monkeys
16 July 2018 - by Dr Alexander Ware
Researchers have successfully used genome editing to reduce blood cholesterol in living monkeys... [Read More]