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Alexander Ware

Alexander Ware is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews and intern at the charity which publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). He is studying for a PhD in plant development at the University of Nottingham and previously completed a degree in Biology at the University of Bristol.

BioNews News articles written by Alexander Ware:
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CRISPR editing human embryos - did it work or not?
13 August 2018 - by Alexander Ware
Controversy surrounding last year's report of a disease-gene being edited out of human embryos continues with a fresh round of evidence... [Read More]
A different CRISPR enzyme may make genome editing sharper
6 August 2018 - by Alexander Ware
The key enzyme used in CRISPR genome editing has competition... [Read More]
Glaxo invests $300m in 23andMe to use its genomic data for research
30 July 2018 - by Alexander Ware
The pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline is investing US$300 million in 23andMe as part of a four-year collaboration that will give it access to the DNA testing firm's genetic data resources... [Read More]
Sperm extracted from fatally injured man for partner's use
23 July 2018 - by Alexander Ware
A UK judge has granted permission for a woman to have her dying husband's sperm harvested, to use in an attempt to conceive following his death... [Read More]
Heritable genome editing could be acceptable, says leading ethics body
17 July 2018 - by Alexander Ware
In a new report, the UK's Nuffield Council on Bioethics has concluded that the use of heritable genome editing 'could be ethically acceptable in some circumstances'... [Read More]
Genome editing lowers cholesterol in monkeys
16 July 2018 - by Alexander Ware
Researchers have successfully used genome editing to reduce blood cholesterol in living monkeys... [Read More]