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Ahmed Amer

BioNews Review articles written by Ahmed Amer:
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Podcast Review: Male Infertility with Kevin Button
28 June 2021 - by Ahmed Amer
I first heard about the Fertility Podcast a few years ago from a patient who told me her and her partner used the podcast series, and other social media outlets, as a method of deciphering the unfamiliar world of infertility treatment they inadvertently found themselves in... [Read More]
TV Review: Stand Up to Infertility
15 February 2021 - by Ahmed Amer
A question to all men: Do you feel your fertility is linked to how much of a man you are?... [Read More]
Film Review: What We Wanted
7 December 2020 - by Ahmed Amer
Austria's Oscar submission, 'What We Wanted', addresses a couple's struggle with infertility and IVF failure... [Read More]
Film Review: The Easy Bit
8 June 2020 - by Ahmed Amer
'You just need to produce your sample in the pot.'... [Read More]
Film Review: Childless in the World's Most Fertile Country
16 March 2020 - by Ahmed Amer
The impact infertility has on the quality of life is significant... [Read More]
Exhibition Review: Human Nature
27 January 2020 - by Ahmed Amer
As a scientist, genetics has always fascinated me; it's our looks, traits, behaviours and diseases; our past, our present and our future... [Read More]