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CONTENTS Issue #735
Event Review: Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples
Professor Plomin Goes to Parliament
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23andMore genetic data than UK Biobank
12 December 2013 - by Dr Ruth Stirton
23andMe and UK Biobank are both large genetic databases: big enough to engage in serious population genetic research. But 23andMe has not undergone any ethical approval processes - think what they could do if they sold their database... [Read More]
Progress Educational Trust conference: What do we know about twins?
16 December 2013 - by Dr Jess Buxton
Twins have long been an endless source of fascination to their family, friends and society, and also to scientists. This year, the topics of twins in genetics and twins in fertility treatment formed the two halves of Progress Educational Trust's annual conference... [Read More]
Progress Educational Trust conference: What can we learn from twins?
16 December 2013 - by Professor John Galloway
Why do we think we can learn anything useful (other than about twins themselves) from twins? It might be thought that the most important thing about them is their 'twinliness', the one attribute denied to non-twins. Science thinks otherwise... [Read More]
Gout mostly genetic, study suggests
16 December 2013 - by Daryl Ramai
Alcohol and a diet rich in animal protein may not be solely responsible for gout formation, as the inflammatory disease could be genetically related, according to a nationwide population study in Taiwan... [Read More]
Every step of IVF affected by woman's age
16 December 2013 - by Dr Kimberley Bryon-Dodd
The first study to break down IVF failure rates for each treatment stage across different age groups has found that after the age of 37 the chance of a woman becoming pregnant through IVF rapidly declines... [Read More]
School achievement 'more nature than nurture'
16 December 2013 - by Rhys Baker
Genetics may have a greater impact on the differences between students' GCSE results than upbringing or teaching, according to research from King's College London... [Read More]
Sperm-driven bio-bots controlled by magnets
16 December 2013 - by Chris Baldacci
Researchers in Germany have discovered a novel way to influence the direction of travel of sperm... [Read More]
Blood cancer sent into remission with gene therapy
16 December 2013 - by Dr Rachel Montgomery
Gene therapy trials using engineered immune cells have shown considerable progress in treating blood disorders, according to findings presented at the American Society of Hematology's annual meeting... [Read More]
Israeli health minister moves to lift surrogacy restrictions for singles and gay couples
16 December 2013 - by María Victoria Rivas Llanos
The Israeli Health Minister, Yael German, has announced the introduction of a new measure to allow unmarried and homosexual men and women access to surrogacy services in the country... [Read More]
HFEA appoints interim chair
16 December 2013 - by Antony Starza-Allen
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has announced the appointment of Sally Cheshire as its interim chair when Professor Lisa Jardine's term as chair comes to an end in January 2014.... [Read More]
Event Review: Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples
16 December 2013 - by Daniel Malynn
This event, hosted by the Bar Council, looked the options and potential pitfalls same-sex couples can face can face in accessing surrogacy both in the UK and overseas... [Read More]
Professor Plomin Goes to Parliament
16 December 2013 - by Dr John Gillott
Giving evidence to the House of Commons Education Committee, Professor Robert Plomin made some very important points. But he needs to rein in the hyperbole if he wants to make headway in political and policy worlds... [Read More]

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