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CONTENTS Issue #733
Exhibition Review: Foreign Bodies, Common Ground
Book Review: Intrusion
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Boris, genes and class
2 December 2013 - by Dr John Gillott
Boris Johnson, Margaret Thatcher, bankers, left-bashing, genetics and IQ – light the blue touch paper and stand back... [Read More]
Is mitochondrial replacement therapy eugenic and incompatible with human dignity?
2 December 2013 - by Dr John Appleby, Professor Rosamund Scott and Professor Stephen Wilkinson
A group of European parliamentarians from the Council of Europe recently issued a declaration objecting to the HFEA's policy advice on experimental mitochondrial replacement therapy claiming that MRT is eugenic and inconsistent with human dignity. These are substantial moral claims, ones that deserve closer scrutiny, and it is an interesting and important exercise to consider how successful such arguments are... [Read More]
Want a break from Cyber Monday?
2 December 2013 - by Sarah Norcross
Here's a great way to help BioNews, meaning that we receive a little gift with every purchase you make... [Read More]
23andMe's genetics screening service sold in violation of regulations, says FDA
2 December 2013 - by Ruth Saunders
The US Food and Drug Administration has ordered 23andMe to 'immediately discontinue' its Personal Genome Service after failing to undergo proper agency approval for its marketing claims... [Read More]
Genetics and pesticide exposure 'double hit' might underlie Parkinson's for some
2 December 2013 - by Matthew Thomas
People with a particular genetic mutation may face greater risks of developing Parkinson's disease if exposed to certain pesticides, according to scientists... [Read More]
Breast cancer risk may still be higher despite BRCA-negative test results
2 December 2013 - by Dr Charlotte Warren-Gash
Women from families with a history of carrying the cancer risk gene BRCA2, but who test negative for it, may be at higher risk of breast cancer than previously thought... [Read More]
Cell 'arms' reach out and pull early embryo into shape
2 December 2013 - by Rebecca Carr
Time-lapse imaging has been used to track the way that cells organise themselves to form an early mouse embryo... [Read More]
Implantable 'gene circuit' helps obese mice slim down
2 December 2013 - by Dr Lux Fatimathas
An artificial 'gene circuit' implanted in obese mice promotes weight loss by reducing appetite, while having no effect when implanted in mice of normal weight... [Read More]
The alcohol gene? Mice with mutation hit the bottle
2 December 2013 - by Dr Naqash Raja
A gene mutation has been linked to alcohol preference in lab mice, a team of researchers from five UK universities has found... [Read More]
Genome engineering company launches with $43 million investments
2 December 2013 - by Dr Rachel Montgomery
A biotech start-up that will develop genome-editing therapies has received US $43 million investment from three venture capital firms... [Read More]
Fear can be inherited, mouse study finds
2 December 2013 - by Siobhan Chan
Mice that were conditioned to fear a specific smell passed down this fear to their offspring, suggesting that traumatic events can affect gene expression... [Read More]
Exhibition Review: Foreign Bodies, Common Ground
2 December 2013 - by Dr Rachel Montgomery
Six artists, ranging from photographers, performance groups and multimedia artists, were sent to Wellcome-funded research centres around the world. The goal of these 'foreign bodies' was to immerse themselves in scientific research for six months, and then produce some work that reflected what they learnt... [Read More]
Book Review: Intrusion
2 December 2013 - by Amy Reed
How much of a child's health and wellbeing should depend on the parents? When is it acceptable for this to come under state control? These are the questions presented to the reader in Ken Macleod's dystopian novel, 'Intrusion'... [Read More]

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