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CONTENTS Issue #732
Screening dilemmas: disability, disease or something in-between?
Still One at a Time
Book Review: How We Live and Why We Die
Event Review: End to End - Telomeres and Ageing
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Screening dilemmas: disability, disease or something in-between?
25 November 2013 - by Dr Felicity Boardman
I was struck by a recent article that pushed to free Down's syndrome from inappropriate, negative language - that of 'disease', of 'risk' and of 'defect'... [Read More]
Still One at a Time
25 November 2013 - by Professor Lisa Jardine
In stark contrast to reports in the media, the need to reduce the incidence of multiple births following IVF remains, and the policy still stands... [Read More]
Sharp rise in multiple births for older mothers
25 November 2013 - by Ari Haque
A report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that the number of multiple births among women over 45 has increased by 23 percent in the past year. The increase is thought to be in part due to more older women using IVF treatment to conceive... [Read More]
Sperm test for infertile men could reduce need for surgery
25 November 2013 - by David O'Rourke
Researchers have developed a non-surgical test that could be used to tell whether men with zero sperm counts could father children via IVF... [Read More]
Severe childhood asthma gene identified
25 November 2013 - by Dr Rachael Panizzo
A gene variant has been discovered and linked to an increased risk of severe childhood asthma. Researchers suggest that a faulty version of the gene CDHR3 may even be the direct cause of the disease in some children... [Read More]
Unemployment may speed biological ageing in men
25 November 2013 - by Chris Baldacci
Men who are unemployed for more than two years show genetic ageing at an accelerated rate... [Read More]
Genetic link to morbid obesity
25 November 2013 - by Claire Downes
A single gene linked to morbid obesity in a family in Israel also causes obesity and diabetes when deleted in mice... [Read More]
First UK-wide rare disease strategy launched
25 November 2013 - by Dr Lucy Freem
A strategy to improve diagnosis, research, and treatment of rare diseases has been launched by the UK Government... [Read More]
'Father of genomics' Fred Sanger dies aged 95
25 November 2013 - by Dr James Heather
Fred Sanger, renowned biochemist, has died aged 95. Having pioneered seminal techniques for the understanding of both proteins and DNA, Dr Sanger is widely hailed as one of the most influential scientists of recent years... [Read More]
Last man standing: just two Y-chromosome genes needed for reproduction
25 November 2013 - by Dr Naqash Raja
Male mice are able to reproduce healthy offspring with only two Y-chromosome genes, researchers at the University of Hawaii have discovered... [Read More]
Book Review: How We Live and Why We Die
25 November 2013 - by Rhys Baker
In just 200 pages, Professor Lewis Wolpert addresses the whole of cell biology: from the discovery of cells, through how stem cells self-replicate, to how cells may have evolved in the first place... [Read More]
Event Review: End to End - Telomeres and Ageing
25 November 2013 - by Jamie Rickman
The 2013 Schrödinger Lecture at Imperial College London was delivered by Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, an Australian-American biologist based in California... [Read More]

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