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Book Review: Mixed Blessings - Building a Family with and without Donor Help
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Obituary: Professor David Healy
6 June 2012 - by The International Federation of Fertility Societies
It is with great sadness that the International Federation of Fertility Societies announces the death of Professor David Healy, president of the Federation, who passed away on 25 May 2012, after a period of illness... [Read More]
A welcome step forward: on the recommendations regarding fertility and birth in Israel
6 June 2012 - by Dr Ruth Shidlo
Two weeks ago, the Israeli Ministry of Health published recommendations regarding fertility and birth and its legislation. I applaud this attempt to review and improve upon existing laws and MOH regulations (some of which are not consistent with international commitments) and to codify them... [Read More]
The Indian surrogacy industry – and why we need to reform UK surrogacy law
6 June 2012 - by Natalie Gamble
Indian surrogacy is a hot media topic, with several stories over the past week about couples being stuck in India waiting for British passports for their biological children. As far as we are concerned, this isn't really news – it is the shared experience of every British parent who has had a child through surrogacy in India, and something we deal with on a daily basis.... [Read More]
Personal genomics company 23andMe awarded Parkinson's gene patent
6 June 2012 - by Ruth Saunders
23andMe, a personal genomics company, announced last week that it had been successfully awarded a patent for a gene variant which appears to protect against a high-risk mutation for Parkinson's disease... [Read More]
Stem cell procedure could give hip replacements the elbow
6 June 2012 - by Maren Urner
A stem cell technique to treat the common bone disease osteonecrosis is being pioneered at Southampton General Hospital in the UK... [Read More]
Drawing with DNA: genetic code makes complex shapes
6 June 2012 - by Victoria Kay
Scientists have developed a way of crafting DNA into complex shapes such as letters of the alphabet, symbols and even smiley faces. The nanotechnology may one day be able to create customised DNA structures that can carry therapeutic drugs to specific sites in the human body without triggering an immune response... [Read More]
Israel gives gay men the right to conceive children via a surrogate
6 June 2012 - by Sarah Pritchard
Gay men should be allowed to use a surrogate to have children, an Israeli public health committee has recommended. It also suggested single women should be permitted to use a surrogate to conceive and favoured non-anonymous sperm donation.... [Read More]
Umbilical cord donor centre to open at Birmingham Women's Hospital
6 June 2012 - by Holly Rogers
Stem cells will be harvested and stored at an umbilical cord donor centre at the Birmingham Women's Hospital, UK, according to a BBC report... [Read More]
Britons paying up to £25,000 for Indian surrogate babies
6 June 2012 - by Jessica Ware
Around half of the 2,000 babies born to surrogate mothers in India last year may have gone to British parents, an investigation by the Sunday Telegraph has revealed.... [Read More]
Largest ever release of child cancer genome data boosts research
6 June 2012 - by Dr Victoria Burchell
A wealth of whole genome data – or the entire genetic codes – from children with cancer has been released by scientists in the US. The researchers claim the database more than doubles the volume of highly detailed, whole genome data available worldwide... [Read More]
Book Review: Mixed Blessings - Building a Family with and without Donor Help
6 June 2012 - by Sarah Norcross
A booklet full of advice and case studies, this will be a useful book for all those creating a family, as well as for those who work with them - particularly fertility counsellors... [Read More]

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