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Event Review: Clinically Relevant Findings in Research
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Changes to PGD regulation in Victoria, Australia
15 August 2011 - by Dr Malcolm Smith
The Australian state of Victoria was the first common law jurisdiction in the world to enact legislation to regulate assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). Victoria's legislative framework has been updated a number of times and the most recent legislation (the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 (Vic)) came into effect on 1 January 2010... [Read More]
IVF is one of the UK's greatest scientific achievements - so why do patients still struggle to access treatment?
15 August 2011 - by Susan Seenan
Thirty years after the birth of the first IVF baby, you would expect the country that pioneered the technique to lead the world in providing access to fertility treatment. At the very least, the UK would guarantee fair and equitable access for eligible patients. But you would be wrong. Patients across the country are still fighting to get the treatment they deserve... [Read More]
Ovarian cancer gene discovered
15 August 2011 - by Dr Maria Teresa Esposito
Scientists have discovered a rare genetic fault that raises a woman's risk of developing ovarian cancer six-fold. It has been hailed as the most important discovery in the field in the last ten years, and offers hope for new treatments... [Read More]
Is intelligence genetic?
15 August 2011 - by Dr Zara Mahmoud
Educational toys, brainy baby videos and flash cards – do these things help to develop intelligence? Or are the genes that you inherited from your parents the determining factor? The search for an 'intelligence gene' has intrigued scientists for decades. Now, an international team of scientists have added weight to the argument that intelligence does have a genetic basis, but that it comes from multiple genes working together... [Read More]
Embryo's survival can be predicted based on egg's movement
15 August 2011 - by Dr Tamara Hirsch
Rhythmic activity detected in newly fertilised mouse eggs may provide a novel and non-invasive screening method for identifying embryos most likely to survive a full-term pregnancy, according to research published in Nature Communications... [Read More]
Lawyer found guilty of being a 'baby broker'
15 August 2011 - by Rosemary Paxman
A US fertility lawyer has pleaded guilty to participating in what prosecutors have called a 'baby-selling ring'... [Read More]
Sex determination test successful at just seven weeks
15 August 2011 - by Rose Palmer
A simple blood test for pregnant women can accurately predict the sex of a fetus at seven weeks, much earlier than conventional techniques, new research has found. A systematic review and meta-analysis examined the results of 57 earlier studies that included more than 6,500 pregnancies... [Read More]
Study finds new genetic variants associated with MS
15 August 2011 - by Dr Rebecca Hill
Researchers have identified 29 new genetic variants with a link to multiple sclerosis (MS). This brings the total number of genetic changes associated with the disease, which affects around 2.5 million people worldwide, to nearly 50... [Read More]
Landmark case allows Israeli family to freeze their dead daughter's eggs
15 August 2011 - by Ayesha Ahmad
An Israeli court has granted permission for a family to extract and freeze eggs from their deceased daughter's ovaries... [Read More]
Cochrane review finds little evidence aspirin affects IVF
15 August 2011 - by Victoria Kay
There is insufficient evidence to suggest that taking aspirin during IVF increases a woman's chances of conceiving, according to the latest Cochrane Systematic Review... [Read More]
Scientists find genetic link to sporadic schizophrenia
15 August 2011 - by Mehmet Fidanboylu
US researchers have linked mutations in 40 genes to sporadic schizophrenia. The evidence suggests that 50 percent of people with schizophrenia without a family history of the condition have 'de novo' DNA mutations that were not passed on from their parents... [Read More]
Event Review: Clinically Relevant Findings in Research
12 August 2011 - by Anna Wade
What happens when a research team discovers something that has direct significance to the health of an individual involved in their study? Although the discovery of 'health-related findings' can occur in any study involving human participants, the answer to this question is by no means clear.... [Read More]

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