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CONTENTS Issue #579
Book Review: Debating Human Genetics
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Thinking of delaying your family? Consider freezing your embryos
11 October 2010 - by Gillian St Lawrence
When I was 30, and my husband was 32, we knew were not ready to be parents. We were not yet able to provide a child the time and financial resources we wanted for them, and did not think we would be able to do so until after I turned 35. We also knew, if we waited until our late 30s or 40s to attempt to conceive a child, we would be facing increased risks of infertility, miscarriage and genetic abnormalities... [Read More]
Elusive Nobel prize finally lands!
11 October 2010 - by Professor Martin H Johnson
Professor Robert Edwards was last week awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on IVF [1]. Bob might seem an obvious award candidate since IVF and related treatments are taken for granted nowadays. Most of us know family, friends and/or colleagues who have used IVF, PGD, surrogacy or gamete donation. During the lonely days of the 1960s and 70s, the situation was very different... [Read More]
Vatican official criticises Nobel Prize for IVF pioneer
11 October 2010 - by Rosemary Paxman
A Vatican official has criticised the decision to award British IVF pioneer Professor Robert Edwards the Nobel Prize in Medicine, saying the choice was 'very perplexing'... [Read More]
Lesbian couple expecting quintuplets following donor insemination
11 October 2010 - by Owen Clark
A lesbian couple are expecting quintuplets after using a sperm donor to conceive.... [Read More]
Genetics project launched to cut infant deaths
11 October 2010 - by Sarah Pritchard
A three-year genetics project has been launched in Birmingham to help tackle the city's high infant mortality rate by raising awareness of inherited genetic disorders... [Read More]
Imaging IVF embryos can predict survival
11 October 2010 - by Dr Lux Fatimathas
US researchers have developed a means to predict which human embryos produced through IVF are most likely to result in healthy births. Researchers filmed 242 one-cell embryos and predicted, with more than 93 percent accuracy, those that would survive up to five days. These findings may improve the success rate of IVF.... [Read More]
NICE publishes scope of infertility guidelines review
11 October 2010 - by Ben Jones
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is considering tightening its guidelines on embryo implantation with the possibility that, in future, only single embryo transfers (SET) may be recommended.... [Read More]
Heart disease gene test under fire
11 October 2010 - by Matthew Smart
Researchers in the US have shown that a gene-based test designed to predict the risk of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is only marginally better than existing methods.... [Read More]
Couple request surrogate mum to abort over disability
11 October 2010 - by Nishat Hyder
A couple from British Columbia, Canada, have been embroiled in a complex ethical battle after their surrogate refused their request to abort the fetus she was carrying. The couple made the request after tests revealed the baby would likely be born with Down's syndrome... [Read More]
Winning stem cell poems pulled
11 October 2010 - by Kyrillos Georgiadis
Stem cells. Poetry. Two terms seldom used together. The winning entries in a poetry competition held by California's stem cell funding body to celebrate Stem Cell Awareness Day were published last Wednesday. By Friday, the two winning poems had been pulled from the website because the language of one poem: 'introduces a religious element that we now realise was offensive to some people'... [Read More]
Genetic consortium creates enormous heart disease data pool
11 October 2010 - by Ken Hanscombe
An international consortium has been set up to study the genetic origins of heart attack and coronary artery disease (CAD)... [Read More]
Book Review: Debating Human Genetics
11 October 2010 - by Rosie Beauchamp
It is almost a cliché to say that genetics has moved beyond the boundaries of science, penetrating social and cultural understandings of ourselves as individuals and social beings. Dr Alexandra Plows' book Debating Human Genetics is in this sense not a groundbreaking contribution. The book is the product of a three-year academic project. In it, Dr Plows approaches the social phenomena of the 'gene' by examining the ways different people or 'publics' are engaging with human genetics... [Read More]

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