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Menstrual blood banking and the Big C'elle? A period of reflection
18 November 2007 - by Dr Karen Devine
As a consumerist society, we are fast becoming familiar with the idea that for a price, we can bank our stem cells in case they are needed in the future to potentially fight disease, grow replacement body parts and help develop clinical therapeutic options. First came the commercial cord blood... [Read More]
Stress and IVF - tightly entwined but can they be separated?
18 November 2007 - by Dr Juliet Skinner
The impact of stress and IVF outcome is complex. Many researchers have attempted to study the role of stress, some studies have suggested a strong link with high stress and poor outcome, and others have suggested no link between stress levels and IVF. The kernel of the problem is that... [Read More]
Menstrual blood banking - monthly miracle or pure hype?
18 November 2007 - by Dr Karen Devine
The storage of stem cells as a 'biological insurance' for the future is once again hitting the headlines of the popular press. This week, American based company, Cryo-Cell, announced the launch of their new stem cell storage initiative - the opportunity for women to bank their menstrual blood... [Read More]
UN report calls for worldwide ban on human cloning
19 November 2007 - by Antony Starza-Allen
The United Nation's Institute of Advanced Studies has issued a report containing a stark warning to the rest of the world: introduce global legislation to prohibit reproductive cloning or prepare to consider laws that protect cloned individuals from potential discrimination, prejudice and abuse. The report, entitled 'Is... [Read More]
Woman dies following IVF treatment
19 November 2007 - by Ailsa Stevens
A UK woman who died in hospital five days after undergoing egg retrieval - a routine element of IVF treatment - suffered a fatal blood clot, an inquest heard last week. Coroner Mario Anastasiades ruled that the death of the 37-year-old driving instructor Nina Thanki, who was undergoing... [Read More]
Scientists successfully clone primate embryonic stem cells
19 November 2007 - by Katy Sinclair
Scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University's (OHSU) National Primate Research Centre have announced a successful attempt to derive embryonic stem (ES) cells from the skin cells of a macaque monkey. The research, which represents the first time a cloned ES cell line has been derived... [Read More]
Smoking while pregnant affects male fertility
19 November 2007 - by Katy Sinclair
By Katy Sinclair: Aberdeen University researchers have found a link between maternal smoking during pregnancy and reduced fertility in boys, because of its affect on a key testis gene, it was reported in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. The research team examined 22 human fetuses between 11 and... [Read More]
Australians prefer not to know familial cancer risk
19 November 2007 - by Ailsa Stevens
New research shows that 60 per cent of Australians who are at increased risk of cancer due to a gene variation which runs in their family are failing to take advantage of genetic tests which could flag-up their need for life-saving preventative measures, such as regular screening... [Read More]
Guidelines say obese women should be denied fertility treatment
19 November 2007 - by MacKenna Roberts
Severely obese women should have their fertility treatment deferred until they have lost weight, according to new guidance issued by the British Fertility Society (BFS), based upon their comprehensive analysis of studies which establish the adverse impact of obesity on fertility. The report, published in the BFS... [Read More]
Geneticists complain about TV programme
19 November 2007 - by Dr Jess Buxton
The British Society for Human Genetics has formally complained to Ofcom - the independent regulator authority for the UK communications industries - about the TV programme 'Killer in Me'. The ITV programme, broadcast on 8 November 2007, followed four celebrities who were offered genetic screening tests to discover... [Read More]

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