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NHS funded IVF: is it really so NICE out there?
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NHS funded IVF: is it really so NICE out there?
14 February 2005 - by Professor Brian Lieberman
The failure of the UK government to provide, or to identify additional funds for NHS funded IVF treatment is of increasing concern to many thousands of infertile couples, led to believe that they would receive such treatment following the report by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) in February... [Read More]
Second cloning licence issued in UK
9 February 2005 - by BioNews
The scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep has been given permission to use the same technique to clone human embryos for medical research into stem cells. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has granted a licence to the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh to use the cell nucleus replacement (CNR... [Read More]
UK group wants £100 million for stem cell research
9 February 2005 - by BioNews
Leading names from science, industry and government in the UK have publicly called for the establishment of a charitable foundation to promote and fund stem cell research in the country. They made their public call on 8 February, at a meeting for the UK's stem cell research community at Newcastle's... [Read More]
Gene therapy researchers fined over trial participant's death
11 February 2005 - by BioNews
Two US institutions that ran a gene therapy trial in which a teenager died in 1999 agreed to pay more than $1 million in a civil settlement last week. The government had alleged that the researchers, based at the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's National Medical Center, had failed... [Read More]
Gene clue to osteoporosis
11 February 2005 - by BioNews
About one in five women has a genetic variation that could increase their risk of the bone-weakening condition osteoporosis, US researchers say. A team of scientists based at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis have shown that a particular version of the CYP1A1 gene is linked to... [Read More]
Heart stem cells discovered
11 February 2005 - by BioNews
US researchers have discovered that the heart contains a type of stem cell that can divide and produce new heart cells after birth, which might allow the organ to repair itself. The surprise finding could lead to new therapies for damage caused by heart attacks. The researchers, based at the... [Read More]
Survey highlights family health history ignorance
14 February 2005 - by BioNews
Patients should be more aware of family health problems, according to a survey of UK doctors, but a second poll shows that that most people aren't interested. A poll of 202 GPs, carried out for insurance company Norwich Union Healthcare, found that 88 per cent felt patients needed to know... [Read More]
Massachusetts faces battle on stem cells
14 February 2005 - by BioNews
Robert Travaglini, President of the Senate in the US state of Massachusetts, has introduced a new bill that would support the development of embryonic stem (ES) cell research in the state. While it does not provide for state funding of such, he claims that the bill would show that Massachusetts... [Read More]
Gene mutation makes rats light drinkers
14 February 2005 - by BioNews
A genetic variation that drastically lowers rats' tolerance of alcohol may also explain why some people become drunk after just one beer, US scientists say. Researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) have worked out how a naturally occurring gene mutation affects rats' brains so that they... [Read More]
US stem cell news
14 February 2005 - by BioNews
California Research and Cures Coalition (CRCC), the group that backed the 'yes' campaign on Proposition 71 in California, will work this year to fight a proposed federal ban on all forms of human cloning. Proposition 71, passed by 59 per cent of voters in November last year, will provide $3... [Read More]

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