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CONTENTS Issue #81
Designer babies and assuming the worst
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Designer babies and assuming the worst
30 October 2000 - by Juliet Tizzard
Reproductive scientists must be used to it by now. They present a new development in human embryo screening to fellow scientists at a conference in a far away place and before they know it, the press back home have put it on the front page and branded it 'quality control... [Read More]
New IVF embryo screening technique
30 October 2000 - by BioNews
Two UK scientists have developed a new technique for screening the genetic material of an early embryo, an advance they say could eventually lead to an improvement in IVF success rates. The study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) last week, is published... [Read More]
Concern over 'Viagra babies'
30 October 2000 - by BioNews
Ten UK women are reported to be pregnant following treatment with the male impotence drug Viagra, prescribed by their consultant Dr Mohammed Taranissi. But fertility expert Lord Robert Winston has expressed concerns over what he called a 'reprehensible and dangerous' treatment. 'It is extraordinary that he has been allowed to... [Read More]
Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease
30 October 2000 - by BioNews
A team of US researchers has used gene therapy to successfully reverse Parkinson's disease-like symptoms in monkeys. The scientists, based at Rush Presbyterian-St Luke's Medical Centre in Chicago, published their findings in last week's Science. 'Our study suggests a new approach to forestall disease progression by delivering potent factors with... [Read More]
Ovary grafts for cancer patients
30 October 2000 - by BioNews
Women cancer patients may soon be able to preserve their fertility whilst undergoing treatment for their illness, according to research presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) last week. A team of scientists based at the Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia has shown that... [Read More]
Arrest in embryo mix-up case
30 October 2000 - by BioNews
Embryologist Paul Fielding was arrested last week in connection with the alleged embryo mix-up at two Hampshire fertility clinics. A police investigation was launched last month, after internal inspectors identified inconsistencies between the recording and storage of frozen embryos belonging to 39 couples. In a statement, police said: 'Hampshire Police... [Read More]
Germany approves gene patenting directive
30 October 2000 - by BioNews
The German government has approved a European Union (EU) directive on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions, a move seen as a significant step in the adoption of the directive across Europe. But a controversial clause concerning the patenting of human genes has lead many scientists and MPs to oppose... [Read More]
Singapore to create genetic database
30 October 2000 - by BioNews
The Singapore Genomics Programme (SGP) is to set up a nationwide medical database, which will combine personal medical data with samples of tissue, body fluid and DNA. Initially, the database will focus on patients affected by common conditions such as cancer, heart disease and stroke, reports last week's Nature. But... [Read More]
India draws up bioethics guidelines
30 October 2000 - by BioNews
The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has published its first guidelines on biomedical research on human patients, reports the Lancet. They outlaw research on human cloning, germ-line gene therapy (genetic manipulation of egg, sperm or embryo cells) and xenotransplantation (animal to human organ transplants). The guidelines were issued following... [Read More]

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