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Why BioNews?
22 March 1999 - by Juliet Tizzard
Another National Science Week has brought with it the familiar hand-wringing about how little the public understands about science. And yet, science is more talked about and reported than ever before. The mere fact that a discussion about the level of public understanding of science is taking place in the... [Read More]
Rats help infertile men
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
An Italian doctor has claimed to have helped sterile men become fathers by cultivating their sperm in the testicular tissue of rats. Dr Antinori said that ten babies had so far been born using this technique, including one for a British couple. Although Dr Antinori refused to give details of... [Read More]
World Health Organization draws up bioethics code
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
The World Health Organization (WHO) has drawn up a set of bioethics principles which may lead to the first comprehensive international guidelines on the ethical issues arising from developments in biology and medicine. The draft guidelines, which advise on issues such as gene patenting and the use of genetic information... [Read More]
Biotech news
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
Malcolm Fallen announced his decision to give up his job as finance director of British Biotech, the troubled drugs developer. The board of British Biotech has appointed Tony Weir, the company secretary and finance director of the pharmaceuticals subsidiary, to succeed Fallen. The company is currently embroiled in a legal... [Read More]
Science Week debates and comments
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
On the theme of science and responsibility: An article in the Guardian by Professor Steven Rose - extracted from a Royal Society Debate to mark Science Week - discusses the limitations of evolutionary psychology and its damaging implications for individual agency and responsibility. The Independent published an extract from Rose's paper given... [Read More]
Embryo donation - a personal angle
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
Michele and Stuart Hodgkiss tell the Daily Mail how they donated the 15 embryos left over after successful IVF treatment and describe the emotional turmoil of being told of another woman's pregnancy brought about by their donated embryos... [Read More]
Increase in chlamydia infections among teenagers
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
The latest government figures show an increase in the numbers of teenagers with the sexually transmitted disease, chlamydia - which can cause infertility in some sufferers. Although easily treated with antibiotics, diagnosis is the real problem as the disease is often asymptomatic. The feasibility of a policy of mass screening are... [Read More]
Cloning technology and transplant medicine
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
An article in Newsweek discusses the ethical issues surrounding the use of cloning technology to produce embryonic stem cells capable of producing cells and tissues for transplant purposes. The writer makes a distinction between reproductive cloning and the use of cloning technology for therapeutic purposes. The Independent on Sunday deals... [Read More]
Gene database in Iceland
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
The on-going debate surrounding the Icelandic gene database project is thoroughly explored in the Sunday Times. Explaining the significant ramifications of a genetically isolated community such as Iceland for research into the causes of genetically inherited diseases, the article covers the setting up of Iceland's first biotechnology firm, Decode Genetics... [Read More]
A multidisciplinary approach to genetics
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
The bioscience panel of the Science Council in Japan, which advises the education minister, has issued an interim report on human genome research. The report recommends a fresh multidisciplinary approach that integrates genetics with information science and the social sciences. The recommendations come in the wake of Japan's slow progress... [Read More]
Human Genome Project ahead of schedule
22 March 1999 - by BioNews
A first working draft of the human genome could be ready by next spring, 18 months ahead of schedule. This is the second time in six months that leaders of the Human Genome Project have brought the deadline forward. The project's leaders attributed the earlier than expected completion date to... [Read More]

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