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Light shed on de novo mutations behind male infertility
24 January 2022 - by Georgia Stimpson
Mutations in genes that are involved in sperm production have been highlighted as a potential cause of infertility in affected men... [Read More]
More gene variants that influence severity of COVID-19 identified
24 January 2022 - by Semyon Bodian
Gene variants that decrease and increase the risk of severe COVID-19 infection, respectively, have been identified in separate studies... [Read More]
Newly discovered protein essential for CRISPR/Cas3 genome editing
24 January 2022 - by Tom Turner
A hidden component of the CRISPR/Cas3 genome editing system, which is essential for it to work, has been discovered by scientists... [Read More]
Whole Genome Sequencing at Birth: What Research Can, and Should, Be Done with a Baby's Genome?
24 January 2022 - by Annabel Slater
Genomics England's Newborn Genomes Programme will explore the benefits, practicalities, and challenges of whole genome sequencing for newborn babies in the UK. The genomic data will be used to develop diagnostics and treatments for hundreds of diseases, particularly rare conditions... [Read More]
FILM: Whole Genome Sequencing at Birth – Consenting Adults, Sequencing Babies
17 January 2022 - by BioNews
This film documents a Progress Educational Trust event about whole genome sequencing at birth, asking ethical and practical questions about consent... [Read More]
Immune 'add ons' in assisted reproduction
17 January 2022 - by Professor Ashley Moffett
One of the most difficult challenges for doctors treating women with infertility or recurrent miscarriage is that no cause is found in around 50 percent of cases... [Read More]
TV Review: Masters of None – Season three
24 January 2022 - by Dr Helen Robertson
The third season of the Netflix series Master of None pivots from the two prior comedic seasons to focus on pursuing motherhood: first as a lesbian couple, and then as a single woman... [Read More]
Video Review: Will I Be Able to Have Children After My Treatment?
24 January 2022 - by Francesca Sowerbutts
Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy often cause substantial loss of the cells responsible for creating gametes, meaning they can cause patients to become infertile... [Read More]
Book Review: The Fertility Book – Your definitive guide to achieving a healthy pregnancy
17 January 2022 - by Ahmed Amer
If you are interested in finding out about fertility and fertility treatment, you will most likely embark on an online crusade only to find yourself completely inundated with information, a lot of which, sadly, is not very accurate... [Read More]