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Alzheimer's risk gene variant protects against age-related memory loss
18 October 2021 - by Christina Burke
A gene variant previously linked to higher Alzheimer's risk may in fact improve short-term memory, researchers have found... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence shows how the X chromosome folds and unfolds
18 October 2021 - by Dr Laura Riggall
The three-dimensional structure of the X chromosome and how it is silenced in female cells has been demonstrated by a new computational method... [Read More]
COVID-19 genomic surveillance data tells story of pandemic in England
18 October 2021 - by Hannah Flynn
Genomic surveillance of the COVID-19 epidemic in England has cast light how different variants of SARS-CoV-2 spread in the population since autumn 2020... [Read More]
One for sorrow
18 October 2021 - by Professor Darren Griffin
A personal memoir and tribute to Professor Joy Delhanty. Mentor, scientist, friend... [Read More]
The emergence and global spread of non-invasive prenatal testing
18 October 2021 - by Marie-Christine Roy, Professor Vardit Ravitsky, Dr Hazar Haidar, Professor Lidewij Henneman, John Marshall, Professor Ainsley Newson, Dr Olivia Ngan, and Tamar Nov-Klaiman
Non-invasive prenatal testing, a prenatal screening test analysing fetal DNA in a blood sample from the pregnant person, has become available in more than 60 countries since its introduction ten years ago... [Read More]
Advances in Assisted Reproduction: What Can We Expect?
11 October 2021 - by Annabel Slater
Sarah Norcross, director of the Progress Educational Trust, invited the audience of the event to consider where assisted reproductive technologies stood 55 years ago... [Read More]
Book Review: The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA matters for social equality
18 October 2021 - by Dr John Gillott
'Genetic differences between people create differences between them in their likelihood of having speech and language problems. Genetic differences between people create differences between them in their likelihood of being homeless. The first sentence is not particularly controversial; the second one almost definitely is. But why?'... [Read More]
Podcast Review: CRISPR Stops Rare Genetic Disease in New Human Trial
18 October 2021 - by Beatrice Costa
Genome editing is a group of approaches that enable scientists to add, remove or alter selected DNA sequences at particular locations in the genome... [Read More]
Book Review: When Reproduction Meets Ageing: The science and medicine of the fertility decline
11 October 2021 - by Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos
While far from an easy read, due to the mostly dense, academic language, Bühler provides a useful new look at the biological clock and how often it's miscalculated as well as the hazards of a 'one-size-fits-all' presentation of fertility... [Read More]