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Candidate drug targeting metastasis could stop cancer spreading
6 December 2021 - by James Moore
Researchers have identified a molecule that could be used as a drug to prevent metastasis, a process by which cancer can spread and cause death... [Read More]
HFEA reveals plans to update fertility law
6 December 2021 - by Daniel Jacobson
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has detailed potential updates to current laws regarding fertility treatment practices in the UK, including improved patient protection... [Read More]
Human blastoids give insight into implantation
6 December 2021 - by Paige Mumford
Scientists have created a 'blastoid' model of the human embryo at early-stages that can successfully attach to uterine cells in vitro, mimicking the implantation of an embryo in the mother's uterus... [Read More]
Empowerment, privacy and the rise of FemTech
6 December 2021 - by Dr Elizabeth Oliver and Dr Avi Lerner
In harmony with great scientific discoveries, technological breakthroughs have transformed the fields of genetics and fertility treatments. Advances in technology provide society with opportunities and risks, and FemTech is no different... [Read More]
PGT-A in young, good prognosis populations
6 December 2021 - by Dr Eric J Forman
A recent large randomised trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine is receiving significant attention with clinicians who are critical of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) claiming it provides evidence that PGT-A does not improve IVF outcomes and should not be used outside of research settings... [Read More]
Using compulsory pension funds for social egg freezing – a viewpoint from Singapore
6 December 2021 - by Dr Alexis Heng Boon Chin
Many countries worldwide implement compulsory pension funds and medical savings schemes that are contributed to by both employees and employers. In some countries, employees are allowed to withdraw from such funds to pay for fertility treatments, such as IVF... [Read More]
Podcast Review: We are Family (aren't we?)
6 December 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
'What makes someone family?' asked host Paris Lees, as I listened to an episode of the Flipside, a collection of podcasts that combine social sciences and storytelling to inform debate on two opposing stories... [Read More]
Book Review: You Got Anything Stronger?
29 November 2021 - by Zaina Mahmoud
When Gabrielle Union announced that her second tell-all book, You Got Anything Stronger?, would delve into her surrogacy journey, despite not personally being a fan of celebrity autobiographies, I must admit I was excited... [Read More]
Podcast Review: The Challenges Facing ME/CFS Patients and the Future of Personalised Treatments
29 November 2021 - by Ara Schorscher-Petcu
My first encounter with ME, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, was through my flat mate when I moved to London in 2015... [Read More]