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The Fertility Show, Manchester Central, 24-25 March 2018

Rhys Baker

Rhys Baker is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and a science presenter at Sublime Science. He originally studied Biology at Cardiff University, and went on to train as a science teacher with Teach First. He blogs at TFScientist's Science Lab and tweets as @TFScientist


BioNews Review articles written by Rhys Baker:

Radio Review: Personalised Medicine – Dose by Design

19 September 2016 - by Rhys Baker

Personalised Medicine. A promise of medical treatment tailored to the individual. A promise that has been decades in the delivery. But now, as such treatment appears to be within reach, will the dream be dashed by bureaucracy, inertia and funding crises?... [Read More]

TV Review: Panorama – Medicine's Big Breakthrough: Editing Your Genes

13 June 2016 - by Rhys Baker

Over just 30 minutes Fergus Walsh has a lot of ground to cover here without even touching on the ethical debate. Yet, while gene editing may have 'just been made simple', how we respond to these stunning advances is anything but... [Read More]

Radio Review: Newshour Extra - Editing the Human Genome

07 December 2015 - by Rhys Baker

This 50-minute radio broadcast provides an 'appetiser' on CRISPR and the ethics surrounding genome editing... [Read More]

Book Review: Biotechnology/Cloning and Stem Cells

07 September 2015 - by Rhys Baker

'What is Ethics?' A seemingly innocent question asked by a 14-year-old student in my first year as a teacher. I struggled for a reply. Since then, I have been on the lookout for any resource that clarifies this question... [Read More]

Book Review: The Man in the Monkeynut Coat - William Astbury and the Forgotten Road to the Double-Helix

04 August 2014 - by Rhys Baker

This story about the forgotten road to the double helix argues that William Astbury deserves the same recognition as Crick and Watson. It is a very persuasive argument... [Read More]

Film Review: Delivery Man

20 January 2014 - by Rhys Baker

This remake of sperm donation film 'Starbuck' touches (too briefly) on several heavy-hitting questions on the ethics of sperm donation... [Read More]

Book Review: How We Live and Why We Die

25 November 2013 - by Rhys Baker

In just 200 pages, Professor Lewis Wolpert addresses the whole of cell biology: from the discovery of cells, through how stem cells self-replicate, to how cells may have evolved in the first place... [Read More]

Book Review: Life's Vital Link

18 November 2013 - by Rhys Baker

In this book on the placenta, the shortest-lived human organ, we find out about the fascinating immunological paradox of pregnancy as well as the effects of maternal, paternal, and even retroviral genes in the functioning of the placenta... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Rhys Baker:


Gene sequencing changes treatment for metabolic conditions

31 May 2016 - by Rhys Baker

Genetic testing can improve the treatment of developmental delay in children when it's caused by an underlying metabolic disorder... [Read More]

Miniature kidneys grown from human skin cells

12 October 2015 - by Rhys Baker

Australian scientists have successfully grown 'mini kidneys' from stem cells derived from skin tissue... [Read More]

RNA findings could diagnose male infertility

13 July 2015 - by Rhys Baker

A test to diagnose male infertility that uses RNA as a biomarker has been developed by researchers in the USA... [Read More]

Aspirin's anti-cancer actions depend on individual genetic make-up

23 March 2015 - by Rhys Baker

Whether or not aspirin reduces a person's risk of bowel cancer could all be down to their genetic make-up, according to a US study... [Read More]

Ebola mutations threaten drug development

26 January 2015 - by Rhys Baker

The Ebola virus may be mutating faster than treatments can be developed to combat it, according to research from US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases... [Read More]

Stem cell therapy for Parkinson's restores dopamine in rats

10 November 2014 - by Rhys Baker

Researchers have reversed the effects of Parkinson's disease in rats, using human embryonic stem cells... [Read More]

FDA fast tracks ALS stem cell therapy

13 October 2014 - by Rhys Baker

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded 'fast-track' status to a potential stem cell therapy for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or motor neurone disease... [Read More]

Human stem cells reset to 'pristine' embryonic state

15 September 2014 - by Rhys Baker

Human pluripotent stem cells have been 'reset' to resemble embryonic stem cells at the earliest developmental state yet achieved... [Read More]

Stem cell genome edited to create HIV-resistant immune cells

16 June 2014 - by Rhys Baker

White blood cells have been made resistant to HIV after researchers rewrote their genome to contain a gene variant linked to immunity against the virus... [Read More]

Synthetic biology moves beyond bacteria and viruses with 'man-made' yeast chromosome

31 March 2014 - by Rhys Baker

The world's first fully-functional synthetic yeast chromosome has been created in an international seven-year effort... [Read More]




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