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Issue 917 (11 September 2017)

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Welcome to BioNews by email, published by the Progress Educational Trust, providing you with news, comment and reviews on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. 

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Costs of IVF in Australia: Downward trends shall continue
11 September 2017 - by Professor Alan Trounson and Dr Karin Hammarberg
In Australia, almost four percent of children are born as a result of assisted reproductive technologies. The comparatively high rate of ART use is in part due to costs being covered by the taxpayer-funded health insurance scheme, Medicare... [Read More]

News Digest

Gene therapy for cancer halted after patient death
11 September 2017 - by Ebtehal Moussa
Two trials assessing gene therapy for blood cancer have been put on hold by the US Food and Drug Administration, following a patient fatality... [Read More]
NHS IVF no longer available in county that pioneered it
11 September 2017 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group has removed funding for free IVF treatment, despite being the county where the procedure was first developed 40 years ago... [Read More]
Craig Venter says genome sequencing can predict faces
11 September 2017 - by Ruth Retassie
It is possible to predict someone's face using DNA sequencing and machine learning, according to Dr Craig Venter... [Read More]
Six genes linked to premature birth
11 September 2017 - by Georgia Everett
Six key genes have been identified in the largest study of premature birth to date... [Read More]
Financial stress and circadian gene linked to migraine
11 September 2017 - by Dr Barbara Kramarz
People with specific variants of a body clock gene are more likely than others to develop migraines under financial hardship... [Read More]
Drug protects mice against cancer treatment infertility
11 September 2017 - by Dr Katie Howe
An existing drug has been shown to protect eggs from radiation and chemotherapy damage in research carried out in mice... [Read More]
Deficient diet linked to schizophrenia symptoms in mice
11 September 2017 - by Annabel Slater
Mice deprived of two essential fatty acids during pregnancy give birth to pups with schizophrenia-like symptoms... [Read More]
Call to remember 'forgotten' IVF pioneer Jean Purdy
11 September 2017 - by Julianna Photopoulos
Jean Purdy, embryologist to the world's first IVF baby, should be celebrated as IVF's third pioneer, says the British Fertility Society... [Read More]


Book Review: Stem Cell Dialogues - A Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry into Medical Frontiers
11 September 2017 - by Isobel Steer
Is using and destroying a human embryo for medical research ethical? This question is constantly considered in our newspapers, courtrooms and research labs. You almost certainly have an opinion on it... [Read More]



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