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It all adds up

27 March 2017

By Sarah Norcross

Appeared in BioNews 894

The Progress Educational Trust (PET) is looking forward to its event 'Fertility Treatment Add-Ons: Do They Add Up?' this week – the event is fully booked and we have been turning people away for nearly a fortnight.

While at first you may think this is a nice problem to have – it really isn't. We still have to reply to people wanting places, to explain that there may not be slides to share and to apologise for the fact that there will not be a transcript. People have asked if we can repeat the event in their part of the country or put a video of the event online and time and time again we have to say no, not because we don't want to travel or embrace new technologies but because of a lack of resources.

The British Fertility Society have kindly sponsored the discussion of this contentious topic of what are valid and valuable add-ons to fertility treatment and we are extremely grateful for their support. But their much appreciated support only covers the bare necessities and to satisfy its audience PET is in need of add-ons for its events.

PET would like to make its events more accessible – putting them online as podcasts, trialling live-streaming them and so including people who can't be in the room for these important discussions. So we need you help to fund the extras that would help us to achieve this and that is why we are asking for your help with our fundraising appeal.

Please help us reach our £4000 target via PayPal (click here), by text (text 'PROG23 £10' or any other amount to 70070), or by post (as detailed here).




20 March 2017 - by Sarah Norcross 
At the Progress Educational Trust, we pride ourselves on our make-do-and-mend attitude. Being careful with PET's funds is part of our culture – we recently repurposed our stepladder as a flipchart easel...
20 March 2017 - by Dr Avi Lerner 
Following the Panorama documentary on IVF 'add-ons', there has been a great deal of discussion about the potential for conflicts of interest in the fertility industry...
16 January 2017 - by Rikita Patel 
A number of IVF clinics in the UK could be misleading people with their advertised success rates, a study suggests...
05 December 2016 - by Lucas Taylor 
There is a lack of quality evidence on the benefits of almost all fertility clinic add-on treatments, a study published in the BMJ has suggested...
05 December 2016 - by Dr Jane Currie 
Panorama's investigation into the use of 'add-ons' in private fertility clinics is a novel mixture of undercover journalism and a high-quality systematic review of the clinical evidence...

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Published by the Progress Educational Trust


Public Conference
8 December 2017

Speakers include

Professor Azim Surani

Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

Professor Robin Lovell-Badge

Sally Cheshire

Professor Guido Pennings

Katherine Littler

Professor Allan Pacey

Dr Sue Avery

Professor Richard Anderson

Dr Elizabeth Garner

Dr Andy Greenfield

Dr Anna Smajdor

Dr Henry Malter

Vivienne Parry

Dr Helen O'Neill

Dr César Palacios-González

Philippa Taylor

Fiona Fox

Sarah Norcross

Sandy Starr


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