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Issue 835 (18 January 2016)

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Welcome to BioNews by email, published by the Progress Educational Trust, providing you with news, comment and reviews on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. 

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Genome editing and CRISPR: The science of engineering the embryo
18 January 2016 - by Dr Jess Buxton
We report from the third session of the annual conference of the Progress Educational Trust, titled 'Genome Editing and CRISPR: The Science of Engineering the Embryo', which discussed these new technologies and how they might be used in the future... [Read More]
Stating the obvious: discarding embryos does not increase your chance of having a baby
18 January 2016 - by Heidi Mertes, Sjoerd Repping & Guido de Wert
Under the auspices of the Virtual Academy of Genetics, COGEN recently issued a 'consensus statement' on preimplantation genetic screening, based on a scientific meeting held in Paris last September... [Read More]

News Digest

Prenatal test for Down's syndrome recommended for NHS
18 January 2016 - by Lone Hørlyck
A new blood test for Down’s syndrome in high-risk women has been recommended for use on the NHS.... [Read More]
UK researchers seek HFEA permission to edit human embryo
18 January 2016 - by Julianna Photopoulos
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is considering a proposal from scientists to genetically edit human embryos... [Read More]
100,000 Genomes Project diagnoses children with rare diseases
18 January 2016 - by Dr Molly Godfrey
Two girls have become the first children to be diagnosed with rare genetic conditions through the 100,000 Genomes Project – the NHS DNA-sequencing initiative... [Read More]
'Spermbots' could speed up slow sperm
18 January 2016 - by Ayala Ochert
Scientists in Germany have created artificially motorised sperm, propelled by microscopic metal helices... [Read More]
Unlicensed sperm donor claims to have fathered 800 children
18 January 2016 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars
A man from Luton, Bedfordshire, claims to have fathered 'in excess of 800 children' through unlicensed artificial sperm donations... [Read More]
US starts formal investigation into CRISPR patents
18 January 2016 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
The CRISPR 'patent wars' have now officially kicked off in the USA, with formal proceedings to determine who controls key patents over the revolutionary genome-editing technology... [Read More]




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