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Issue 819 (14 September 2015)

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Welcome to BioNews by email, published by the Progress Educational Trust, providing you with news, comment and reviews on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. 

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Genetic ties, social ties and parental responsibility
14 September 2015 - by Dr Reuven Brandt
A UK appeals court recently granted an egg donor, A, a new hearing in her petition for a shared residency order for the twins conceived using her ova. A was seeking the shared residency order as a means of acquiring parental responsibility for the twins... [Read More]
How studying blogs can improve communication around fertility
14 September 2015 - by Karen Kinloch
If used sensitively and ethically, infertility blogs can give a unique insight into the experience of struggling to conceive and be used to improve patient care... [Read More]

News Digest

Lasker prize awarded for DNA and cancer discoveries
14 September 2015 - by Dr Julia Hill
The 2015 Lasker Awards are being given to three scientists who made ground-breaking discoveries in cancer and genetics, and to the organisation Doctors without Borders for its work on the Ebola crisis.... [Read More]
'Flu severity' gene identified
14 September 2015 - by Dr Charlotte Warren-Gash
A key gene that governs the severity of influenza infections has been identified... [Read More]
Genes account for half of testicular cancer risk
14 September 2015 - by Meetal Solanki
Gene mutations may account for as much of half the risk of developing testicular cancer, a study has suggested... [Read More]
Cancer blood-test launch raises eyebrows
14 September 2015 - by Isobel Steer
A US startup called Pathway Genomics has launched the first commercial 'liquid biopsy' to identify cancerous mutations via a blood test... [Read More]
Gene editing of human embyros must be allowed, says Hinxton group
14 September 2015 - by Kirsty Oswald
The influential Hinxton group has said that the genetic modification of human embryos should be allowed... [Read More]
Blood test detects biological age, risk of dementia
14 September 2015 - by Chris Hardy
A blood test designed to assess how well somebody is ageing could be used to predict whether or not they are likely to develop certain illnesses, like Alzheimer's disease... [Read More]
'Widespread incompetence' across the fertility sector, says senior judge
14 September 2015 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has spoken of 'widespread incompetence' in the fertility sector and has questioned the adequacy of the regulatory framework overseen by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority... [Read More]
High Court refuses single father's application for a parental order
14 September 2015 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
The UK's High Court has ruled that single parents cannot apply for a parental order to become the legal parent of a child born through surrogacy... [Read More]


Film Review: Eggsploitation - Maggie's Story
14 September 2015 - by Daniel Malynn
This documentary short film produced by the California-based Centre for Bioethics and Culture (CBC) is a sequel to their 2010 film 'Eggsploitation'. My heartfelt congratulations for an obvious but nonetheless awesome pun. But, sadly, that is where my congratulations end for this film... [Read More]



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