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Genomics of Common Diseases

Wellcome Trust/Nature Genetics
Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1RQ, UK
23 September 2009 - 26/09/2009

The 3rd Wellcome Trust/Nature Genetics conference on the Genomics of Common Diseases.

The availability of whole-genome association studies and emerging 'next-generation' sequencing technologies is redefining the genetic architecture of common diseases, revealing new susceptibility genes and offering new clues about mechanisms for a wide range of health disorders. The strategic focus of common disease genetics is progressing from the identification of susceptibility genes – with remarkable successes in the last two years - to understanding the extent to which rare and common variants explain inherited susceptibility to common diseases, to discovery of new disease mechanisms, and to pioneer and evaluate transfer of these advances through to potential clinical application.

Topics addressed at this event will include:

  • the state of the art in genome-wide association studies across a range of common diseases, including whole genome sequencing;

  • population genetics, statistics and evolution including common disease challenges in different populations, and biobanks;

  • efforts to translate common disease genetics to the clinic and to the healthy population, incorporating pharmacogenomics, genomic profiling, utility of risk prediction, public health;

  • genomics of common cancers and heritable cancer susceptibility;

  • cell and animal models of common disease genetics;

  • epigenomics in common diseases, including DNA methylation, clinical studies linking to human disease;

  • ethical, legal and social implications of personal genetic information.

Attendance fees range from £410 to £830. To register and/or to submit an abstract for a presentation, use this online form or contact Laura Hubbard at or on +44 (0)1223 495 000.

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Further details of this event are available on the Wellcome Trust website.

Published by the Progress Educational Trust


Public Conference
8 December 2017

Speakers include

Professor Azim Surani

Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

Professor Robin Lovell-Badge

Sally Cheshire

Professor Guido Pennings

Katherine Littler

Professor Allan Pacey

Dr Sue Avery

Professor Richard Anderson

Dr Elizabeth Garner

Dr Andy Greenfield

Dr Anna Smajdor

Dr Henry Malter

Vivienne Parry

Dr Helen O'Neill

Dr César Palacios-González

Philippa Taylor

Fiona Fox

Sarah Norcross

Sandy Starr


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