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UK BioBank

A government-funded project to collect DNA samples and medical records from 500,000 British volunteers aged 45-60, to study the effects of genetic and environmental factors on health.

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Lifespan linked by study to mutations and lifestyle

23 October 2017 - by Annabel Slater

Weight loss, education, giving up smoking, and being open to new experiences have all been linked to longer life... [Read More]

Leading figures in genetics and fertility recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours

26 June 2017 - by Sandy Starr

Foremost among them is Professor Sir John Sulston, who played a central role in the Human Genome Project and founded the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute... [Read More]

Baldness linked to over 280 genes

20 February 2017 - by Emma Laycock

A new study has found over 280 genes associated with male-pattern baldness... [Read More]

74 genes linked to education level, but effect is minimal

16 May 2016 - by Sophie Perry and James Brooks

One of the largest-ever genetics studies in the social sciences has found 74 genetic variants that are associated with the amount of time an individual spends in education... [Read More]

Event Review: The Population Laboratory

17 September 2012 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

It is not often that you get the chance attend a seminar organised by an institution that is still under construction. Due to open in 2015, the building that will house the Francis Crick Institute currently comprises a rudimentary basement and ground floor, a handful of towering cranes and a swanky visitor centre... [Read More]

UK Biobank, the world's largest biomedical database, opens online

02 April 2012 - by Cait McDonagh

The world's largest database of medical information has opened online, allowing researchers around the world to access its contents. The UK Biobank holds anonymous information from more than 500,000 British people, making it a 'globally unique resource' according to England's chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies... [Read More]

Book Review: Ethical Issues of Human Genetic Databases - A Challenge to Classical Health Research Ethics?

06 February 2012 - by Dr Gill Haddow

DNA databanks - controversial yet exciting endeavours to collect and store individuals' DNA alongside other information - are the subject of Bernice Elger's latest book, which Gill Haddow describes as fundamental reading... [Read More]

US plans to enrol one million veterans for new DNA bank

09 May 2011 - by Chris Chatterton

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced in Washington last week that the Million Veteran Program (MVP), a research project that aims to collect DNA, lifestyle and other health data from one million veterans under the care of the VA, was being rolled out nationally from 5 May 2011.... [Read More]

Event Review: Whose Genome Is It Anyway?

18 October 2010 - by Dr Vivienne Raper

Would you publish your genome? Last week, the 12-member Genomes Unzipped project published their direct-to-consumer genetic test results online. They say they're dispelling fears and encouraging discussion about what genetics means for society. But, in a Royal Institution debate on Thursday, Wellcome Trust Director Sir Mark Walport said openly disclosing their DNA would - like drunken Facebook party pictures - return to haunt them... [Read More]

Should the UK have a national ethics committee?

13 October 2008 - by Professor Donna Dickenson

The UK is virtually alone in western Europe in not having a national medical ethics committee established by the government. France has had such a committee for nearly twenty-five years, and most of our other neighbours, including Denmark, Ireland and Germany, have long since followed suit. Our nearest equivalent is... [Read More]

US poll shows support for genetic testing

17 July 2007 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza

A US survey on public attitudes towards genetic testing has revealed that 54 per cent of respondents support testing of children to determine the risk of diseases that may develop later in life, such as diabetes and heart disease, while 39 per cent would consent to testing... [Read More]

Governing genetic databases - collection, storage and use

25 June 2007 - by Dr Sue Gibbons

Human genetics research is undergoing rapid and dramatic growth. Over recent years, human genetic databases, or 'biobanks', have burgeoned in number, size and sophistication. Many countries are developing population-scale collections, such as UK Biobank, to investigate complex common diseases. Meanwhile, both biomedical researchers and criminal forensic scientists are seeking greater... [Read More]


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