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Sex chromosome

One of the two chromosomes (X and Y) that determine the sex of an individual.

Articles using this Glossary Item

Screen all chromosomes in prenatal embryo testing, says study

04 September 2017 - by Dr Rachel Huddart

Current prenatal chromosome screening tests could miss rare chromosomal abnormalities and lead to inaccurate results... [Read More]

Sperm from stem cells could help some types of male infertility

21 August 2017 - by Shaoni Bhattacharya

Cells from genetically infertile male mice have been turned into sperm, and used to produce healthy pups... [Read More]

Prenatal test detects cancer in mothers

20 July 2015 - by Ceri Durham

Abnormal results from a non-invasive prenatal test for fetal chromosome abnormality may indicate the presence of previously undetected cancers in some mothers.... [Read More]

Sperm smuggling and fatherhood from behind bars

10 September 2012 - by Dr Mary Yarwood

The recent news reports that Ammar Zibden, a Palestinian imprisoned in Israel, has managed to smuggle his sperm out of prison and become a father highlight a number of problematic issues... [Read More]

Men might escape extinction according to monkey Y chromosome study

27 February 2012 - by Ruth Saunders

Men may not be on the brink of extinction after all, according to a study on the evolution of the human Y chromosome. Previous research has suggested that the Y sex chromosome, carried only by men, is decaying genetically at such a rate that men would become extinct in five million years' time... [Read More]

Girl or boy? It's in dad's genes

16 December 2008 - by Alison Cranage

New research hints that whether a man has sons or daughters is influenced by his genes. The study, by Mr Correy Gellatly from Newcastle University, was published in the journal Evolutionary Biology last week. Mr Gellatly looked at 927 family trees from Europe and North America, detailing... [Read More]

Explaining mammal egg errors

27 October 2003 - by BioNews

As many as a fifth of a woman's eggs are genetically scrambled - but it's not because they can't check their chromosomes, say a team of UK and French scientists. A new study published in the journal Reproduction shows that egg-producing cells in mammals have a mechanism for checking their chromosomes... [Read More]

Y chromosome reveals surprising secrets

20 June 2003 - by BioNews

Scientists have unveiled a detailed analysis of the human Y chromosome, the genetic material that contains the 'male' switch. When flipped on, this switch (a gene called SRY) makes an early embryo develop into a baby boy. For many years, this was thought to be the Y chromosome's one important... [Read More]

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