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A natural variation in a gene, piece of DNA, protein, or chromosome that has no apparent effect on the individual who inherits it.

Articles using this Glossary Item

Persistent asthma later in life linked to high number of risk genes

28 June 2013 - by Dr James Heather

Asthmatics carrying several genetic variations associated with asthma are more likely to have a severe, longer lasting disease, research shows... [Read More]

Environmental factors do not heighten the genetic risks of breast cancer

07 June 2010 - by Dr Tamara Hirsch

Women who inherit genes linked to breast cancer have no greater risk than other women of developing the disease as a result of lifestyle choices, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and alcohol consumption, according to a recent study in The Lancet.... [Read More]

PGS: select or reject? - it's not just about improving pregnancy rates

20 November 2006 - by Professor Alan Handyside

Ten years since the first reports of preimplantation genetic diagnosis for abnormal chromosome number, or aneuploidy, (now commonly known as PGS - preimplantation genetic screening), we are experiencing a prejudicial mistrust of a clinical approach that is generally accepted to be scientifically and clinically sound. Opponents of PGS frequently criticise its... [Read More]

Premature birth gene identified

29 August 2006 - by Heidi Nicholl

A gene variant more common in black women than those of European descent has been identified as contributing to increased risk of premature birth. Rates of premature birth are two to three times higher amongst black women than other racial groups, with an increased risk of 'premature... [Read More]

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