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Mendelian inheritance

A pattern of inheritance displayed by a trait under the control of one gene, akin to the patterns of inheritance described by the nineteenth-century scientist and priest Gregor Mendel.

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GIANT makes short work of height gene discovery

20 February 2017 - by Professor Darren Griffin

A recent large-scale study that discovered 83 rare genes related to human height reveals the power of so-called genome-wide association studies... [Read More]

Donor conception: a question of perspective

26 November 2012 - by Sarah Norcross

Gamete donation is big business at the Fertility Show. Why do clinics from far and wide pay thousands of pounds to exhibit in London? The simple answer is to make money. But why come to the UK? Because in the UK there is a shortage of gamete donors, or at least a perceived shortage, that's why... [Read More]

Whole fetal genome sequenced for the first time

11 June 2012 - by Dr Daniel Grimes

Researchers have sequenced the entire genome of an 18 and a half-week-old fetus using DNA samples from the blood of its mother and saliva samples from its father. These findings provide a proof of principle that a fetus can be examined for genetic defects using non-invasive technologies... [Read More]

US health institute launches genetic test database

05 March 2012 - by Ruth Saunders

A free information resource detailing numerous disease-specific genetic tests that are now available was launched last week by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH)... [Read More]

Book Review: Ethical and Legal Requirements for Transnational Genetic Research

26 September 2011 - by Professor Sandy Raeburn

First, here is the bad news. Readers attracted by this title are in for a stormy and depressing journey. The writing, both in choice of language and sentence construction, is turgid. The problems of 'plain English' start in the six-page introduction, reach a low point in the ethical chapter and only improve slightly in the legal section... [Read More]

Book Review: Genetic Twists of Fate

19 September 2011 - by Ruth Saunders

News reports that researchers have linked a certain gene to a disease, condition or trait appear almost daily. The most recent include multiple sclerosis, ovarian cancer, schizophrenia and even intelligence... [Read More]

A decade of progress and misunderstandings

28 June 2010 - by Professor Marcus Pembrey

The 10th anniversary of the first draft of the human genome sequence has been characterised by justifiable celebration at the extraordinary progress in DNA sequencing technology, yet disappointment with the impact it has had on medicine to date. Is this disappointment also justified? Not really... [Read More]

Death of medical genetics expert

28 July 2008 - by Alison Cranage

Victor McKusick, 86, considered to be a founding father of medical genetics, died on Tuesday at his home in Baltimore, USA. Dr McKusick worked at Johns Hopkins University, USA, and spent over 40 years compiling the 'Mendelian Inheritance In Man' (MIM) database of all known genes and... [Read More]

Free fetal DNA for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD): ethical aspects

16 June 2008 - by Dr Zuzana Deans and Dr Ainsley Newson

Dr Phillipa Brice's accompanying commentary highlights how non-invasive testing of free fetal DNA (ffDNA) in pregnancy could transform women's experiences of antenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis. NIPD is already available for foetal sex, rhesus D blood type and some Mendelian conditions such as achondroplasia, with tests for aneuploidy detection and... [Read More]

Genetic trait inherited through RNA

29 May 2006 - by Heidi Nicholl

A team of scientists have found evidence that RNA in the sperm of mice is able to transmit a trait that is not coded for in the animal's DNA. The team, working at the University of Nice, France, were studying a gene called Kit. This gene occurs... [Read More]

Putting genes in their place

29 May 2003 - by Professor Marcus Pembrey

The 50th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA presents a golden opportunity to take stock of what impact this and subsequent discoveries in molecular genetics have had and what it promises for the future of human health and happiness. Genetics is now big business. Worldwide anniversary celebrations... [Read More]


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