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King's College London - Health: More than a medical matter


iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cell

A cell with similar properties to an  embryonic stem cell, but created by 'reprogramming' cells from adult tissues, such as skin cells.

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Investigation finds misconduct in acid bath stem cell research

07 April 2014 - by Greg Ball

An investigation has found that the lead author of the widely reported 'breakthrough' stem cell papers is guilty of misconduct... [Read More]

How to make a mouse from scratch: a few drops of blood, one pinch of salt, and a drop of vinegar…

03 February 2014 - by Dr Dusko Ilic

This apparent witch's recipe is how a group of Japanese scientists have generated new mice: a remarkable finding that proves that true greatness lies in simplicity... [Read More]

Lung cells grown from stem cells for first time

09 December 2013 - by Greg Ball

Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) have been transformed into lung and airway cells for the first time... [Read More]

Genetics and pesticide exposure 'double hit' might underlie Parkinson's for some

02 December 2013 - by Matthew Thomas

People with a particular genetic mutation may face greater risks of developing Parkinson's disease if exposed to certain pesticides, according to scientists... [Read More]

Breasts age faster than rest of body, DNA clock shows

28 October 2013 - by Siobhan Chan

A DNA-based biological clock has shown that different parts of the body age at varying rates, with breast tissue and tumour cells appearing older than the rest of the body... [Read More]

Stem cells grown from adult tissue in live mice

16 September 2013 - by James Brooks

For the first time living tissue in mice has been induced into an embryonic state without any intervening preparation in the lab... [Read More]

Back up your stem cells for £40,000

16 September 2013 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza

A Singaporean-based company has become the first company to offer iPS cell banking to the public... [Read More]

John Lennon is dead. Long live John G2 (or not)

02 September 2013 - by Dr Dusko Ilic

I could tell straight away that Canadian dentist Michael Zuk, who invested in John Lennon's rotten molar in the hope of cloning the great musician, is a big fan of Michael Crichton's 'Jurassic Park'... [Read More]

Human stem cells make mouse heart beat again

19 August 2013 - by Dr Katie Howe

A mouse heart was able to contract again after its own cells were removed and replaced with human stem cells, a study in Nature Communications reports... [Read More]

Cancer-killing cells work well in mice

19 August 2013 - by Siobhan Chan

Human stem cells have been reprogrammed to form cancer-targeting immune cells that were shown to stop tumour growth in mice... [Read More]

Stem cells from human urine used to grow teeth in mice

05 August 2013 - by Dr Rosie Morley

Scientists have grown tooth-like structures in the lab using stem cells derived from human urine combined with embryonic mouse cells... [Read More]

Seeing in 3D

29 July 2013 - by Dr Dusko Ilic

We've all heard the stories about Archimedes taking a bath, Newton sitting under an apple tree - about moments when the secrets of nature suddenly revealed themselves to humankind. Well, stem cell science and regenerative medicine are nothing like that!... [Read More]

Stem cells used to grow blood vessels in mice

22 July 2013 - by Dr Katie Howe

Human stem cells have been used to create networks of blood vessels in mice that functioned for nine months... [Read More]

Induced pluripotent stem cells made without gene manipulation

22 July 2013 - by Holly Rogers

For the first time, scientists have created induced pluripotent stem cells from adult tissue without adding extra genes... [Read More]

Event Review: How Do Stem Cells Grow?

15 July 2013 - by Anna Cauldwell

Can you grow an organ in the lab? Can you grow new cells to replace diseased ones? Embryonic stem cells have the potential to grow into any cell in the body, but how is the cell type determined?... [Read More]

Tiny human livers grown from stem cells functional in mice

08 July 2013 - by James Brooks

Stem cells generated from adult cells have been used to grow tiny 'liver buds' which were then successfully transplanted into mice... [Read More]

Japan's health ministry approves pluripotent stem cell research

28 June 2013 - by Rhys Baker

A Japanese Health Ministry panel has approved the first use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) in human trials... [Read More]

First trial of synthetic blood from stem cells on horizon

03 June 2013 - by Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi

The first human trials of synthetic blood look set to go ahead in the UK... [Read More]

Human embryonic stem cells created via cloning

20 May 2013 - by Dr Rosie Morley

Embryonic stem cells have been created from human skin cells for the first time by US scientists using a cloning technique... [Read More]

Scientists skip stem cell stage to make myelin in mice

22 April 2013 - by Anna Cauldwell

Skin cells have been directly converted into the types of cells destroyed in patients with myelin disorders like multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy in a pair of studies on mice... [Read More]

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