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King's College London - Health: More than a medical matter


Genetic modification/engineering

The permanent alteration of an organism's genetic material, using laboratory techniques rather than conventional breeding methods.

Articles using this Glossary Item

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Gene manipulation achieves organ regeneration in live mice for first time

14 April 2014 - by Dr Lucy Freem

Turning on a single gene can regenerate the thymus in elderly mice, causing the immune system organ to double in size and make more white blood cells... [Read More]

Synthetic biology moves beyond bacteria and viruses with 'man-made' yeast chromosome

31 March 2014 - by Rhys Baker

The world's first fully-functional synthetic yeast chromosome has been created in an international seven-year effort... [Read More]

There's a new 'fat gene' in town...

17 March 2014 - by Dr Rosie Morley

Scientists have identified a gene called IRX3 which is associated with obesity and may emerge as a serious contender as the most important 'fat gene' yet discovered... [Read More]

Conservative MP says mitochondrial donation will produce 'genetically modified children'

17 March 2014 - by Dr Louisa Petchey

The Conservative MP for North East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has said that mitochondrial donation will produce 'genetically modified children' with 'three parents', and was 'effectively cloning'... [Read More]

Gene therapy could be 'functional cure' for HIV

10 March 2014 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

A potential HIV therapy where patients have their blood cells genetically modified to help them resist the virus is safe and promising as a treatment, say researchers after a small clinical trial... [Read More]

T-cell gene therapy successful in early clinical trial

24 February 2014 - by Chris Hardy

Researchers trialling a gene therapy-based treatment for leukemia have said the early results go beyond anything they could have thought of in their 'wildest dreams'... [Read More]

Diabetes reversed in mice by using stem cells

10 February 2014 - by Chris Hardy

Stem cells have reversed the equivalent of type 1 diabetes in genetically modified mice. Using skin cells as a starting point, researchers formed pancreas precursor cells that produced insulin when injected into mice... [Read More]

Gene-blocking injection halts breast cancer progression in mice

06 January 2014 - by Rachel Brown

An injection to prevent breast cancer by silencing a cancer-causing gene has shown early promise in mouse studies... [Read More]

Stem cells grown from adult tissue in live mice

16 September 2013 - by James Brooks

For the first time living tissue in mice has been induced into an embryonic state without any intervening preparation in the lab... [Read More]

Genetically modified mice live longer

02 September 2013 - by Daryl Ramai

Scientists have extended the lifespan of mice by partially suppressing a gene associated with energy balance and metabolism... [Read More]

Human stem cells make mouse heart beat again

19 August 2013 - by Dr Katie Howe

A mouse heart was able to contract again after its own cells were removed and replaced with human stem cells, a study in Nature Communications reports... [Read More]

Cancer-killing cells work well in mice

19 August 2013 - by Siobhan Chan

Human stem cells have been reprogrammed to form cancer-targeting immune cells that were shown to stop tumour growth in mice... [Read More]

Scientists call for more mutant bird flu experiments

12 August 2013 - by Lanay Tierney

Two scientists behind a controversial H5N1 avian flu publication last year, which deliberately modified the virus to become more transmissible to humans, hope to perform similar experiments on a new flu strain... [Read More]

Stem cells used to grow blood vessels in mice

22 July 2013 - by Dr Katie Howe

Human stem cells have been used to create networks of blood vessels in mice that functioned for nine months... [Read More]

How worried should we be about the 'slippery slope to designer babies'?

22 July 2013 - by Professor Stephen Wilkinson

Why are potentially positive developments like mitochondrial replacement therapy and next-generation sequencing greeted with talk of 'designer babies', and is such language justified?

Early clinical success for stem cell gene therapy in two diseases

15 July 2013 - by Nicola Davis

A clinical trial of a gene therapy to treat children with two types of severe genetic disease has shown early signs of success... [Read More]

Human embryonic stem cell patent challenged

08 July 2013 - by Ari Haque

Two US public interest groups have asked a federal appeals court to hear a challenge of a patent over human embryonic stem cells... [Read More]

UK Government backs mitochondrial replacement

01 July 2013 - by Dr Rosie Morley

The UK Government is to support the introduction of mitochondrial replacement therapy. The IVF-based procedure could allow women with mitochondrial disease the opportunity to have healthy children, by replacing their own, faulty, mitochondria with healthy mitochondria from a donor.... [Read More]

The sun still hasn't set on gene patents

01 July 2013 - by Dr Michael Hopkins and Dr Stuart Hogarth

Last week saw the conclusion of the long-running gene patent lawsuit known as AMP v. Myriad Genetics. At stake was the patentability of isolated DNA sequences... [Read More]

Birth defect gene linked to mental illness in mouse study

01 July 2013 - by Alison Cranage

Gene mutations that can cause major birth defects may also cause more subtle disruptions in the brain and contribute to psychiatric disorders, according to a study published in PLOS ONE... [Read More]

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A Stroke of Genius
05 August 2009 2.40pm-3.40pm Jack Dome, Pleasance Dome, 1 Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AL, UK
A play inspired by the the true story of the Repository for Germinal Choice, a sperm bank for Nobel Prize winners... [Read More]

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