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An organism (or tissue) composed of two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells, most often arising from the fusion of as many different zygotes (fertilized eggs).

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Teenager uncovers genetics behind her own rare cancer

03 March 2014 - by Rhys Baker

A recovering teenage cancer patient is a lead author of a study into the rare form of liver cancer she contracted. The research, published in Science, identified a key mutation that may explain the uncontrolled growth of the tumour... [Read More]

Cancer-killing cells work well in mice

19 August 2013 - by Siobhan Chan

Human stem cells have been reprogrammed to form cancer-targeting immune cells that were shown to stop tumour growth in mice... [Read More]

Safety of stem cells supported by mouse study

14 January 2013 - by Anna Cauldwell

Tissue derived from induced pluripotent stem cells causes 'limited or no immune response' in mice, a study published in Nature has found... [Read More]

Book Review: Chimera's Children - Ethical, Philosophical and Religious Perspectives on Human-Nonhuman Experimentation

07 January 2013 - by John Brinsley

Mythical ideas of 'chimera', or animals formed or forged of parts derived from various different organisms, have endured throughout history, from Greek folklore and Homer's Iliad through to contemporary science fiction. In fact, organisms arising from human-nonhuman genetic combinations are already with us... [Read More]

First chimeric monkeys born in US

09 January 2012 - by Suzanne Elvidge

Three chimeric rhesus monkeys born in the USA have been described as the world's first primate chimeras... [Read More]

Aligning research legislation: interspecies embryos and animals containing human material

10 October 2011 - by Tara Camm

In 2008, important changes were made to the legislation governing the use of human embryos in research, the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (HFE Act) 1990. The legislation was extended to five categories of 'human admixed embryos' containing human and animal cellular or genetic components, which were brought within the licensing regime of the HFE Act... [Read More]

Scientists, hybrid embryos and the media

28 April 2008 - by Fiona Fox

Should scientists enter the media fray on the most controversial aspects of stem cell research when the row is clearly about much more than the science? This is a question that many in the scientific community have raised over the past year in relation to the furore over human-animal hybrid... [Read More]

Reprogramming adult epithelial cells into embryonic-like stem cells improves therapeutic safety

19 February 2008 - by MacKenna Roberts

Japanese researchers announced last week that they have advanced their understanding and ability to safely 'reprogramme' adult stem cells to resemble embryonic stem (ES) cells without inducing tumours or harmful genetic abnormalities. The Japanese team of researchers, lead by Dr Shinya Yamanaka at Kyoto University, reprogrammed liver... [Read More]

Reproducing regulation: issues arising from the Human Tissue and Embryos (Draft) Bill

03 September 2007 - by Professor Marcus Pembrey

A Parliamentary committee has recently challenged several proposals in the UK Government's draft revised legislation for assisted reproduction and embryo research, published earlier this year. These areas of biomedical research and personal reproductive decisions raise important ethical and social issues. As such, the committee report is welcome, because it re-opens... [Read More]

From consensus to plurality: the negotiated compromise and public consultations

23 July 2007 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza

The University College London's Law and Bioethics colloquium, which took place in London at the beginning of July, gave me the impression that a silent revolution is taking place in bioethical discourse (1). The goalposts in bioethics may be shifting from an emphasis on trying to build a moral consensus... [Read More]

Parliamentary committee backs 'hybrid embryos'

10 April 2007 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has challenged the UK Government's decision to propose a ban on the creation of hybrid or chimera embryos, calling such a move 'unnecessary'. In the report, the MPs said: 'We find that the creation of human-animal chimera or hybrid... [Read More]

Embryos, hybrid embryos and UK law

10 April 2007 - by John Gillott

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's report, 'Government Proposals for the Regulation of Hybrid and Chimera Embryos', is its response to two related events: firstly the UK Government's intention to outlaw the creation of such entities, announced in December 2006 in its White Paper (1), and secondly the... [Read More]

First case of 'semi-identical' twins reported

02 April 2007 - by Heidi Nicholl

A previously unreported form of twinning in humans has been discovered in America. The twins - dubbed 'semi-identical' - are thought to be the result of a single egg being fertilised with two sperm, and then splitting. Double fertilisations are thought to account for around one per cent of... [Read More]

Science adviser backs animal eggs for human stem cells

05 March 2007 - by Dr Jess Buxton

The UK Government's chief scientific adviser has expressed his support for proposals to use animal eggs in the creation of human embryonic stem (ES) cells for research purposes. Sir David King said last week that such work should be allowed under tight regulations, adding that it... [Read More]

HGC backs hybrid embryo research

19 February 2007 - by Khadija Ibrahim

The Human Genetics Commission (HGC) has given its backing to the creation of animal-human hybrid and chimera embryos for research purposes. The Government advisory body made the announcement at their most recent plenary meeting, in response to the current debate about whether research that involves the mixing... [Read More]

International stem cell guidance published

05 February 2007 - by Heidi Nicholl

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has released a set of guidelines for scientists working in this field. The 15-page report drafted by researchers, ethicists and legal experts from fourteen countries is intended to provide guidance for scientists working on stem cells but will... [Read More]

UK science and technology committee begins embryo inquiry

28 January 2007 - by Dr Jess Buxton

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee will hold its first evidence session this week in a new inquiry into the Government's proposals for the regulation of the creation of animal/human hybrid and chimera embryos for research purposes. The MPs will hear from scientists... [Read More]

HFEA to consult on use of animal eggs in ES cell research

15 January 2007 - by Dr Jess Buxton

The UK's Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has announced that it will hold a public consultation on the use of animal eggs in human embryo research. The decision follows a meeting held last week, at which the authority considered applications from two teams who want... [Read More]

Animal egg stem cell research plans in jeopardy

07 January 2007 - by Dr Jess Buxton

UK scientists hoping to use animal eggs in human embryonic stem (ES) cell research face a ban on their work, if proposals outlined in a recent White Paper become law. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which regulates all human embryo research carried out in... [Read More]

UK Government proposes new laws on assisted reproduction

17 December 2006 - by Dr Kirsty Horsey

On Thursday 14 December, UK Public Health Minister Caroline Flint announced the publication of the British Government's proposals for a major overhaul of the law on assisted human reproduction and embryo research. The proposals, contained in a new 'White Paper', follow an extensive public consultation exercise... [Read More]

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