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Natalie Gamble

BioNews Comment articles written by Natalie Gamble:


What The Handmaid's Tale has taught me about surrogacy

24 July 2017 - by Natalie Gamble

As a supporter of surrogacy, I expected the television adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale to be uncomfortable viewing. Margaret Atwood's chilling dystopian novel is well known for being the ultimate warning against surrogacy... [Read More]

Maternity leave for surrogacy will fail international surrogacy parents unless we act now

16 June 2014 - by Natalie Gamble

Many future parents of children born via surrogacy risk never being able to enjoy the new rights to leave and pay promised in the Children and Families Act... [Read More]

The HFEA gets into gear on surrogacy

07 May 2013 - by Natalie Gamble

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) voted on 20 March 2013 to update the guidance it gives to UK fertility clinics on surrogacy. It is a welcome decision that will mean better support for the growing numbers of families created through surrogacy in the UK.... [Read More]

Should surrogate mothers still have an absolute right to change their minds?

22 October 2012 - by Natalie Gamble

Consent requirements for surrogacy were created in 1990 and sought to discourage surrogacy, to make it a perilous undertaking that few would brave. With more experience behind us, we now know that surrogacy is not something to be quite so afraid of... [Read More]

The Indian surrogacy industry – and why we need to reform UK surrogacy law

06 June 2012 - by Natalie Gamble

Indian surrogacy is a hot media topic, with several stories over the past week about couples being stuck in India waiting for British passports for their biological children. As far as we are concerned, this isn't really news – it is the shared experience of every British parent who has had a child through surrogacy in India, and something we deal with on a daily basis.... [Read More]

Known donation on trial

20 February 2012 - by Natalie Gamble

The family court has been making law on known donors, with a number of recent disputes between known sperm donors and lesbian mothers... [Read More]

Can you trust your surrogacy lawyer?

12 September 2011 - by Natalie Gamble

Theresa Erickson, a high profile Californian attorney specialising in assisted reproduction law (self-styled online and in the media as 'the surrogacy lawyer') pleaded guilty last month to charges relating to her involvement in a baby selling scam. The case has sent shock waves through the US assisted reproduction law community, which is reeling at the disgrace of one of its best known members... [Read More]

Crossing borders for surrogacy: the problems for families and policymakers

31 May 2011 - by Natalie Gamble

More people are crossing borders to build their families than ever before. Prospective parents can easily access information about treatment options in countries where regulations permit treatments outlawed in the UK or where there is little or no regulation at all. But where surrogacy is involved, going abroad raises very difficult legal issues.... [Read More]

Lesbian mums in dispute: fertility law, child maintenance and what makes a parent

08 November 2010 - by Natalie Gamble

A lesbian couple who had conceived a child together through donor insemination at a UK clinic recently ended up in the High Court after their relationship broke down. Their dispute involved a ten-year-old child, and the issue was whether the non-birth mother (who the court had already given legal decision-making status as a parent) should be ordered to make financial provision for her child... [Read More]

Going solo: fertility treatment options and the law for women starting a family on their own

29 March 2010 - by Natalie Gamble

It's tough to get life sorted as a modern woman. Education, work and finances now commonly take women well into their thirties before they decide to start a family, and not everyone manages to find the right partner by the time they get there. It is perhaps not surprising that increasing numbers of women are making the decision to start a family independently... [Read More]



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