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BioNews, published by the Progress Educational Trust (PET), provides news and comment on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. You can subscribe to the BioNews email newsletter for free.

Mitochondrial replacement debated in UK Parliament
02 September 2014 - by Sandy Starr
A group of backbench MPs, led by Conservative MP Fiona Bruce, has sought to delay the laying before Parliament of regulations permitting the use of mitochondrial replacement techniques... [Read More]

Ebola virus is mutating fast, gene studies find
01 September 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
The ebola virus has accumulated hundreds of mutations since the beginning of the current outbreak, researchers analysing the viral genome have found... [Read More]

Gene linked to alcohol dependence
01 September 2014 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars
Mice lacking a gene called NF1 are less prone to excessive drinking in an animal model, scientists have found. When the researchers looked at the same gene in humans, they found that variations in NF1 are linked with increased risk and severity of alcoholism... [Read More]

'My life was a lie': What does Emma Cresswell's story tell us about donor conception and fatherhood?
01 September 2014 - by Dr Jonathan Ives
Emma Cresswell, The Telegraph tells us, 'fought a six-year battle to have the man she thought was her father removed from her birth certificate' and now reportedly hopes that others will follow her example... [Read More]

Beyond the harm threshold
26 August 2014 - by Dr Anna Smajdor
Underlying many controversies in reproductive technology is an assumption that there is a 'harm threshold' – a point at which a child would suffer so much that it would have been harmed by coming into existence. This idea has an intuitive appeal, but the questions it raises are very difficult to answer... [Read More]

Baby Gammy: the responsibilities of ART professionals in international surrogacy
18 August 2014 - by Professor Eric Blyth
The Baby Gammy case has sparked worldwide interest and comment. The case highlights troubling issues that have been exercising the minds of some of us for some time... [Read More]

Book Review: The Science of Human Perfection - How Genes Became the Heart of American Medicine
01 September 2014 - by James Storm
Surrounding yourself with books and journal articles on human enhancement will see you encounter the word 'eugenics' on a regular basis. The unfortunate thing about this word is that it has become bound to a particularly nasty piece of world history - and for many people this association is a reason to wince, whilst rejecting whichever idea or theory it is trying to re-associate itself with today.... [Read More]

Book Review: Law, Policy and Reproductive Autonomy
26 August 2014 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
The legal framework for the regulation and provision of assisted reproductive technologies is situated within enormous social change, not least in the construction of the family, personal health management and expectations around access to emerging medical technologies.... [Read More]

Radio Review: The Moral Maze - Surrogacy
18 August 2014 - by Dr Rosie Morley
'Money can't buy you love but it can certainly buy you parenthood'. Or can it? Should it? And if it should, where and how should it be regulated?... [Read More]

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