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PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis)

A test that can be carried out on IVF embryos, to ensure that only embryos unaffected by a particular genetic condition are returned to the woman's womb.

Articles using this Glossary Item

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Is mitochondrial replacement therapy eugenic and incompatible with human dignity?

02 December 2013 - by John Appleby, Professor Rosamund Scott and Professor Stephen Wilkinson

A group of European parliamentarians from the Council of Europe recently issued a declaration objecting to the HFEA's policy advice on experimental mitochondrial replacement therapy claiming that MRT is eugenic and inconsistent with human dignity. These are substantial moral claims, ones that deserve closer scrutiny, and it is an interesting and important exercise to consider how successful such arguments are... [Read More]

Accurate editing of human DNA now possible, say scientists

11 November 2013 - by Anna Cauldwell

A molecular technique that enables any part of the human genome to be altered with extreme precision has been hailed by scientists as a breakthrough in genetics... [Read More]

IVF sex selection allowed in Western Australia to reduce autism risk

28 October 2013 - by María Victoria Rivas Llanos

Sex selection in IVF as a method of avoiding autism has been approved for the first time by health authorities in Western Australia... [Read More]

Event review: Genetic Testing in Assisted Reproduction - Selecting, Not Perfecting?

14 October 2013 - by James Heather

We had almost made it through the speakers when it happened, just before the break. It was the last speaker who did it. It was Dr Joyce Harper who said what I'd been waiting for, and dropped the Gattaca bomb... [Read More]

Report Review: Eugenics and the Ethics of Selective Reproduction

09 September 2013 - by Dr Anna Smajdor

The prospect of eugenics has re-emerged in multiple new guises. The polarising power of this concept is part of its fascination, but this is not necessarily fruitful for debate or policy-making. In their booklet, Stephen Wilkinson and Eve Garrard address this problem... [Read More]

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and the welfare of the healthy selected child

20 May 2013 - by Dr Mair Crouch

Preimplanatation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a technique that allows couples from families with history of certain inheritable diseases to try and reduce their risk of having a child affected by the condition.... [Read More]

Remembering Robert Edwards, 1925-2013

15 April 2013 - by Professor Martin H Johnson

Robert Geoffrey Edwards, or 'Bob' as his colleagues and friends knew him, is one of the true giants of the 20th century... [Read More]

Book Review: A Matter of Life - The Story of IVF, A Medical Breakthrough

15 April 2013 - by Marco Narajos

In the UK, around one in six couples has difficulty conceiving, and it is this desire to have children that drove two awe-inspiring men – Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe – to work together to perfect a technique known as IVF... [Read More]

People with Marfan syndrome must be supported in starting families free of the disease

08 April 2013 - by Dr Anne Child

Marfan syndrome is a terrible disease. Families must have access to preimplantation genetic diagnosis to limit the genetic impact on their families in the future... [Read More]

Policing preimplantation genetic diagnosis: patients first please

18 February 2013 - by Professor Alan Handyside, Dr Karen Sage, Michael Summers and Dr Alan Thornhill

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority recently announced plans to review the list of approved inherited conditions for which preimplantation genetic diagnosis is currently licensed to ensure that it is only available for conditions which meet the statutory requirements in the UK... [Read More]

German court case may put an end to a sperm donor's anonymity

11 February 2013 - by Jessica Ware

A regional appeals court in Hamm, Germany has ruled that a 22-year-old woman conceived via an anonymous sperm donor has a legal right to find out the identity of her biological father... [Read More]

Video Review: Mitochondria Replacement - Some Facts

03 December 2012 - by Maria Sheppard

Mitochondrial replacement has been making the headlines this year, but understanding the science behind it is no small task. Cue a whiteboard, some marker pens and two informative narrators... [Read More]

IVF embryo testing gets go-ahead in Ireland

03 December 2012 - by Matthew Young

Couples in Ireland undergoing IVF treatment will now be able to access tests to check for genetic and chromosomal conditions. Previously couples had to go abroad for the tests, which are widely offered in the UK, but they have now been licensed for use in two Irish clinics.

Wealthy couples flock to USA to avoid UK sex selection ban, IVF medic claims

03 September 2012 - by Ayesha Ahmad

Dr Jeffrey Steinberg, a British IVF specialist who is now director of a pair of private clinics in the USA has claimed that dozens of couples see him every year to select the sex of their babies... [Read More]

Italian ban on embryo screening violated couple's rights

03 September 2012 - by Rosie Beauchamp

Italy has violated the rights of a couple carrying cystic fibrosis by preventing them from screening embryos using PGD, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled. The Strasbourg-based court ordered the Italian government to pay the couple 17,500 euros in damages and expenses.... [Read More]

Mitochondria in the media

18 June 2012 - by Dr Geoff Watts

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has published a new report: 'Novel techniques for the prevention of mitochondrial DNA disorders: an ethical review'. Dr Geoff Watts, chair of the working party that wrote it, offers some personal reflections on a few of its key conclusions... [Read More]

Film Review: A Moral Dilemma - Saviour Sibling or Spare Part Baby?

11 June 2012 - by Helen Brooks

Is creating a life to save another immoral? That is the question the winners of the year 12 to 13 category of Nuffield Council's 'Box Office Bioethics' film competition attempt to answer.... [Read More]

'Faithful judgments' in bioethics

15 May 2012 - by Dr Jackie Leach Scully

We know very little about what 'ordinary' lay members of faith groups - those who are not scientists, philosophers or religious leaders - think about the acceptability of new reproductive and genetic technologies. A team of researchers from Newcastle and Durham Universities is currently carrying out research exploring some of these issues and would like your help... [Read More]

Beyond the treatment of infertility

13 February 2012 - by Professor Mary Herbert

The advent of PGD extended the scope of IVF beyond the treatment of infertility. PGD is predominantly used to prevent transmission of genetic defects arising from mutations in nuclear DNA. However, it can also be used to reduce the risk of transmitting mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which cause a range of debilitating and life-threatening diseases... [Read More]

With an eye to the future - preliminary results of clinical trial in human embryonic stem cell-based therapy of macular degeneration

31 January 2012 - by Dr Dusko Ilic and Dr Emma Stephenson

Last week, Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) of Massachusetts, USA, made two important announcements regarding human embryonic stem (hES) cell-based therapies for the potential treatment of Stargardt's dystrophy and age-related macular degeneration, two devastating degenerative disease leading to blindness.... [Read More]

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Events using this Glossary Item


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Workshop
10 September 2014  University College London
An event providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the field of preimplantation genetic diagnosis... [Read More]
Risk Assessment: Breast Cancer, Prediction and Screening
08 May 2014 6.30pm-8.30pm Darwin Lecture Theatre, Darwin Building, University College London, Malet Place, London WC1E 6BT
The second FREE public event in the Progress Educational Trust's 'Breast Cancer: Chances, Choices and Genetics' series... [Read More]
20 November 2012 
A webinar introduced by Professor Alan Handyside, Head of Preimplantation Genetics at BlueGnome... [Read More]
Where To Next for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis? From Polar Body to Blastocyst: The Evolving Genome
16 May 2012  Bregenz Festival House, 1 Vienna Symphony Plaza, Bregenz 6900, Austria
The 11th International Conference of the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society... [Read More]
Genetic Testing in the 21st Century: Should We Screen the Human Embryonic Genome before Implantation?
08 March 2011 1.15pm-1.55pm Darwin Lecture Theatre, Darwin Building, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT
A presentation by Dr Joyce Harper to mark International Women's Day... [Read More]
Use of Arrays in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
02 July 2009 9am-5pm Amsterdam RAI, 22 Europaplein, NL 1078 GZ, Amsterdam, Netherlands
An event addressing the clinical use of arrays in preimplantation genetic diagnosis... [Read More]

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