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Neurodegenerative conditions

Neurodegenerative disease is an illness caused by the progressive loss of structure or function of neurons, including death of neurons for example motor neurone disease or Alzheimer's disease.

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First trials of Huntington's drug show it could slow disease

11 December 2017 - by Martha Henriques

A breakthrough trial has successfully reduced levels of the harmful protein that causes the neurodegenerative disease Huntington's... [Read More]

Gene therapy directed straight to the brain works in mice

11 December 2017 - by Ewa Zotow

Scientists revealed an innovative method which can be used to transplant blood-forming stem cells directly into the brain... [Read More]

Gene variants for accelerated brain ageing discovered

20 March 2017 - by Dr Julia Hill

Two common variants of TMEM106B and progranulin (GRN) genes have been discovered to accelerate normal brain ageing... [Read More]

Red-hair gene link to Parkinson's

13 March 2017 - by Lone Hørlyck

A gene variant resulting in red hair and fair skin, already known to increase the risk of melanoma, may also predispose carriers to the development of Parkinson's disease, a recent study conducted in mice has found... [Read More]

The Francis Crick Institute opens in London

05 September 2016 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza

The first scientists have moved into the new building for the Francis Crick Institute, located next to St Pancras station in central London... [Read More]

Identity, disability and the genome

11 April 2016 - by Dr Felicity Boardman

My research on families living with the genetic disorder Spinal Muscular Atrophy calls into question some of the assumptions underlying the belief that genetic disease is, inherently and by its very definition, a trait to be avoided... [Read More]

100,000 Genomes Project diagnoses children with rare diseases

18 January 2016 - by Dr Molly Godfrey

Two girls have become the first children to be diagnosed with rare genetic conditions through the 100,000 Genomes Project – the NHS DNA-sequencing initiative... [Read More]

Clinical-stage gene therapy company launched

11 November 2013 - by Dr Naqash Raja

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has invested US $50 million in a biotech start-up in an effort to commercialise gene therapy... [Read More]

Investigation casts doubt on controversial Italian stem cell treatments

15 July 2013 - by Nishat Hyder

Davide Vannoni, head of the Stamina Foundation in Turin, Italy, and pioneer of a controversial stem cell therapy, has once again hit the headlines amid allegations of poor research methodology... [Read More]

Comic Review: What's Up with Lorraine? Medikidz Explain NP-C

01 October 2012 - by Ailsa Stevens

'What's up with Lorraine?' is a comic book about six superheroes - each with their own body-inspired superpowers - who live on a faraway planet called Mediland, which resembles key parts of the human body... [Read More]

Parkin gene researchers grow Parkinson's brain cells in lab

13 February 2012 - by George Frodsham

Human brain cells with Parkinson's disease have been successfully grown in a Petri dish, allowing researchers to study them in unprecedented detail. Researchers used a technique in which skin cells are transformed into induced pluripotent stem cells, which can then be made to change into any cell type – in this case, neurons... [Read More]


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