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Human Genome Project

An international scientific research project with the goal of determining and decoding the total sequence of human DNA. It was declared complete in 2003.

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What next for genomics? Providing answers, changing lives, transforming the NHS

10 July 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown

A packed public event, produced by the Progress Educational Trust in partnership with Genomics England, saw the Chief Medical Officer for England launch her report 'Generation Genome'... [Read More]

Leading figures in genetics and fertility recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours

26 June 2017 - by Sandy Starr

Foremost among them is Professor Sir John Sulston, who played a central role in the Human Genome Project and founded the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute... [Read More]

Plan to build synthetic human DNA genome gains momentum

08 May 2017 - by Annabel Slater

Human DNA could be artificially synthesised in around five years or less, according to one of the organisers behind the Genome Project-write plan... [Read More]

Radio Review: The Secrets Inside Your Cells - Epigenetics, Trauma and Ancestry

08 May 2017 - by Dr Avi Lerner

The Human Genome Project, completed in April 2003, greatly improved our ability to study human health and disease. It also provided a deeper insight into our history and evolution as a species. Yet a recent episode of the 'Science Friction' radio show, presented by Natasha Mitchell on Australia’s ABC Radio, delved further into these fascinating topics through the lens of the new and emerging field of epigenetics.

Podcast Review: Ethics and Genetics – Opening the Book of Life

14 November 2016 - by Rachel Siden

This podcast from the Guardian's Science Weekly series is a good introduction to the ethical questions surrounding genetic technologies... [Read More]

Scientists present plan to build a human genome

06 June 2016 - by Rebecca Carr

A group of 25 scientists have proposed an ambitious plan to create a synthetic human genome from scratch... [Read More]

Book Review: Not In Your Genes - The Real Reasons Children Are Like Their Parents

03 May 2016 - by Dr Ross Cloney

Oliver James's new book shows little understanding of genetics, instead offering a media-friendly caricature of 'one gene = one trait', while focusing solely on parenting styles to explain human behaviour... [Read More]

Genetics company launches huge open-access database

14 March 2016 - by Isobel Steer

Genetic-testing company Ambry Genetics has launched a huge database of cancer-patient genetics, freely available to the public... [Read More]

Podcast Review: Stuff You Should Know - How Personalized Medicine Works

15 February 2016 - by Dr James Heather

The prolific and popular 'Stuff You Should Know' podcast takes us down the pub to talk personalised medicine... [Read More]

Podcast Review: The Naked Scientists - A Hundred Thousand Genomes

13 April 2015 - by Sophie McLachlan

In 2003 the first complete map of the human genome was unveiled and the world was promised a genomics-led revolution in medical science. In spite of this, it was only two years ago that the 100,000 Genomes Project was launched in the UK to sequence 100,000 genomes from NHS patients by 2017... [Read More]

Gene mutation protects against type 2 diabetes

10 March 2014 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

A rare gene mutation lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes by almost two-thirds, an international collaboration of scientists from the US and Sweden has found... [Read More]

Book Review: How We Live and Why We Die

25 November 2013 - by Rhys Baker

In just 200 pages, Professor Lewis Wolpert addresses the whole of cell biology: from the discovery of cells, through how stem cells self-replicate, to how cells may have evolved in the first place... [Read More]

Book Review: An Introduction to the Genetics and Epigenetics of Human Disease

17 June 2013 - by Holly Rogers

A beginner's tour guide through genetics and epigenetics, this booklet covers much of the fundamental biology behind genetic illness and gives a broad overview of some of the biggest challenges currently faced by researchers in the field. It does not assume any previous knowledge, and gives clear, concise summaries of key historical figures and theories, including a very useful glossary at the back.... [Read More]

Crick Cambridge college commemoration

29 April 2013 - by Purvi Shah

A memorial to Francis Crick has been unveiled at his former college at the University of Cambridge to mark the 60th anniversary of the publication of the structure of DNA... [Read More]

Podcast Review: Naked Genetics - Beautiful Otherness

22 April 2013 - by Richard Fadok

For a self-described 'look inside your genes', this programme did what it set out to accomplish but ultimately obscured the real complexity of autism spectrum disorders... [Read More]

Event Review: Masterpieces of Epigenetics - The Missing Link between Nature and Nurture

14 January 2013 - by James Lush

'Beautiful science' was how Dr Nessa Carey described epigenetics at the Biochemical Society Annual Symposium Public Lecture, held at the University of Leeds... [Read More]

TV Review: Science Club - Reproduction

19 November 2012 - by Dr Lucy Spain

Have you ever wondered how to extract your own DNA? Or if there's a scientific theory behind what makes the most attractive partner? If so then Dara O'Briain's Science Club is the (only?) programme for you.... [Read More]

Personalised medicine: a reality check

05 November 2012 - by Professor Donna Dickenson

The soaring promises made by personalised medicine advocates are probably loftier than in any other medical or scientific realm today. Francis Collins, former co-director of the Human Genome Project, wrote: 'We are on the leading edge of a true revolution in medicine, one that promises to transform the traditional "one size fits all" approach into a much more powerful strategy'... [Read More]

Event Review: The Population Laboratory

17 September 2012 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

It is not often that you get the chance attend a seminar organised by an institution that is still under construction. Due to open in 2015, the building that will house the Francis Crick Institute currently comprises a rudimentary basement and ground floor, a handful of towering cranes and a swanky visitor centre... [Read More]

Global study counters 'junk' DNA theory

10 September 2012 - by Emma Stoye

Scientists have found that 80 percent of DNA in the human genome, previously thought to be of no use, have important functions... [Read More]


Events using this Glossary Item

Genomics in Society: Facts, Fictions and Cultures
23 April 2012  British Library, St Pancras, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB, UK
An event marking the 10th anniversary of the Economic and Social Research Council's Genomics Network...
How User-Led Innovation in Bioinformatics Stands to Facilitate Civic Translational Science
01 July 2009 1pm-2.30pm Welsh e-Science Access Grid Node (Queens Building, 5 The Parade, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF24 3AA, UK) and InfoLab Access Grid Node (Room C60B, InfoLab21, South Drive, Lancaster University, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4WA, UK)
A seminar on civic translational science and the broader open-source revolution in biotechnology...

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8 December 2017

Speakers include

Professor Azim Surani

Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

Professor Robin Lovell-Badge

Sally Cheshire

Professor Guido Pennings

Katherine Littler

Professor Allan Pacey

Dr Sue Avery

Professor Richard Anderson

Dr Elizabeth Garner

Dr Andy Greenfield

Dr Anna Smajdor

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Vivienne Parry

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