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King's College London - Health: More than a medical matter



The ability of Embryonic stem cells to differentiate into most cell types in the body for example cardiac, neuronal or immunological cells.

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Investigation finds misconduct in acid bath stem cell research

07 April 2014 - by Greg Ball

An investigation has found that the lead author of the widely reported 'breakthrough' stem cell papers is guilty of misconduct... [Read More]

Stem cell acid bath 'breakthrough' under investigation

24 February 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy

Research published in Nature that described a simple way to generate stem cells is now under investigation after blog posts called its findings into question... [Read More]

How to make a mouse from scratch: a few drops of blood, one pinch of salt, and a drop of vinegar…

03 February 2014 - by Dr Dusko Ilic

This apparent witch's recipe is how a group of Japanese scientists have generated new mice: a remarkable finding that proves that true greatness lies in simplicity... [Read More]

Self-renewing stem cells could be 'infinite source' of liver and pancreas cells

14 October 2013 - by Greg Ball

Large-scale production of liver and pancreas cells is becoming a possibility, as scientists have developed a cell culture method allowing stem cells to grow in the laboratory... [Read More]

Study finds no evidence for 'ethical' embryonic-like stem cells in adult mice

29 July 2013 - by Dr Daniel Grimes

A paper in the journal Stem Cell Reports has reignited debate among a section of the stem cell research community. The study calls into question the existence of a type of cell that, if validated, would have great potential for use in regenerative medicine... [Read More]

Seeing in 3D

29 July 2013 - by Dr Dusko Ilic

We've all heard the stories about Archimedes taking a bath, Newton sitting under an apple tree - about moments when the secrets of nature suddenly revealed themselves to humankind. Well, stem cell science and regenerative medicine are nothing like that!... [Read More]

Induced pluripotent stem cells made without gene manipulation

22 July 2013 - by Holly Rogers

For the first time, scientists have created induced pluripotent stem cells from adult tissue without adding extra genes... [Read More]

Patenting parthenotes: High Court asks if parthenotes are 'human embryos' under the Biotech Directive

29 April 2013 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza

The UK's High Court has asked the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to clarify if human parthenotes fall under the definition of a human embryo for the purposes of patentability... [Read More]

3D printing technique uses human embryonic stem cells

11 February 2013 - by Michelle Downes

For the first time human embryonic stem cells have been used in a 3D printing process and retained the properties that make them unique... [Read More]

Leprosy spreads by turning adult cells into stem cells

21 January 2013 - by Nicola Davis

The bacteria that cause leprosy appear able to perform an unlikely manoeuvre that scientists are calling 'biological alchemy' - they can infect specialised nervous system cells and change them into stem cells... [Read More]

Safety of stem cells supported by mouse study

14 January 2013 - by Anna Cauldwell

Tissue derived from induced pluripotent stem cells causes 'limited or no immune response' in mice, a study published in Nature has found... [Read More]

What Gurdon and Yamanaka's Nobel Prize means to the stem cell community

15 October 2012 - by Dr Dusko Ilic

It took 50 years for the Nobel committee to acknowledge one of the key developments in biology... [Read More]

Professors Gurdon and Yamanaka awarded Nobel Prize for work on stem cells

08 October 2012 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza

Professor Sir John Gurdon of the University of Cambridge has been jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on stem cells. He shares the prize for medicine or physiology with Professor Shinya Yamanaka from Japan... [Read More]

A break is not the end: pluripotent stem cell research gives insight on DNA damage disorder

24 September 2012 - by James Brooks

The biological basis of a rare congenital disorder has been clarified, thanks to stem cell technology. The researchers say their work shows how advances in stem cell science can provide insights into genetic conditions... [Read More]

Sperm precursor cells grown from skin sample

03 September 2012 - by Linda Wijlaars

Stem cells found in human skin can be turned into sperm precursor cells, US researchers have found. The findings could help restore fertility to cancer patients, and could provide a new way of studying the development of sperm cells in the lab... [Read More]

Single genetic tweak allows scientists to transform skin cells into brain cells

11 June 2012 - by Victoria Burchell

Skin cells have been transformed into working brain cells thanks to the introduction of a single gene. Previous studies used several genetic factors and chemicals to perform the same feat but scientists in the USA report that just one gene, Sox2, is sufficient... [Read More]

Brain cells made from skin cells, bypassing stem cell phase

06 February 2012 - by Cathy Holding

Mouse skin cells have been converted directly into neural precursor cells which go on to form the major cells in the brain... [Read More]

First chimeric monkeys born in US

09 January 2012 - by Suzanne Elvidge

Three chimeric rhesus monkeys born in the USA have been described as the world's first primate chimeras... [Read More]

Film Review: Stem Cell Revolutions - A Vision of the Future

26 September 2011 - by MacKenna Roberts

The short film 'Stem Cell Revolutions: A Vision of the Future' uses interviews to document how stem cells have 'vitally changed our understanding of the human body'. The film opens with a voiceover by the film's celebrity commentator novelist Margaret Atwood: 'Sometimes it seems stem cells are proposed as the answer to everything... What can't they do?'... [Read More]

Study finds abnormalities in iPS Cells

07 February 2011 - by Leo Perfect

Adult human cells maintain a 'memory' when reprogrammed into a stem cell-like state, US scientists have found. The finding suggests the resulting induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are not yet a viable alternative to human embryonic stem (ES) cells for modelling or treating disease... [Read More]

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