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The Fertility Show

Dr Ruth Shidlo

BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Ruth Shidlo:

The world we live in: Spinning multiple plates at once

14 July 2014 - by Dr Ruth Shidlo

Today women are creating families later in life, yet the workplace may offer little support for those who wish to become mothers. Life can become a juggling act between finding a compatible mate and becoming a parent, while maintaining workplace commitments and furthering a career... [Read More]

Do you know your sister?

04 March 2013 - by Dr Ruth Shidlo

Once again, the voices of people and families conceived as a result of gamete donation in Israel are going unheeded... [Read More]

A welcome step forward: on the recommendations regarding fertility and birth in Israel

06 June 2012 - by Dr Ruth Shidlo

Two weeks ago, the Israeli Ministry of Health published recommendations regarding fertility and birth and its legislation. I applaud this attempt to review and improve upon existing laws and MOH regulations (some of which are not consistent with international commitments) and to codify them... [Read More]

Victoria's secret (or 'V' for victory)

02 April 2012 - by Dr Ruth Shidlo

The recent recommendations of the Law Reform Committee in Victoria, Australia, are expected to gain bipartisan support in Parliament and lead the way for reform. They represent a world first in establishing the right of donor-conceived people to retrospective access to identifying donor information... [Read More]

Of family and finance: Israeli citizens without rights and HFEA remuneration

12 December 2011 - by Dr Ruth Shidlo

Living in Israel, where gamete donor anonymity still rules supreme, I confess I envy the UK's clear focus on the welfare of the donor conceived child and the evolution of the legal rights of offspring... [Read More]


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