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French same-sex couples allowed to adopt children conceived via IVF

29 September 2014 - by James Brooks
France's top civil court, the Court of Cassation, has ruled that children conceived via assisted reproduction overseas can be adopted by same-sex parents... [Read More]

Genomic natives? Young people clued up about whole genome sequencing

29 September 2014 - by BioNews
Young people are surprisingly well-informed about the basics of genetics and thoughtful about the kind of information they'd like to receive from genome studies, results from a international survey suggest... [Read More]

Irish Government drops surrogacy from family law reform

29 September 2014 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
The Irish Government has removed provisions on surrogacy from draft legislation reforming family law in the country, while including proposals to prohibit anonymous sperm and egg donation.... [Read More]

Mid Essex CCG cuts IVF funding

29 September 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group has announced it will no longer be funding IVF except under 'clinically exceptional circumstances'... [Read More]

Personalised treatment on horizon for rare genetic disease patients

29 September 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
UK researchers have identified the most serious genetic mutations responsible for a rare condition that causes blindness, opening the door for personalised treatment and tailored gene therapies... [Read More]

Polygamy left its mark on human genome

29 September 2014 - by Victoria Burchell
The rise of the single mother may seem a rather modern phenomenon. But even before the first humans walked out of Africa 70,000 years ago, mothers have consistently outnumbered fathers, DNA analysis suggests... [Read More]

'Angelina Jolie effect' sees breast cancer gene tests double

22 September 2014 - by Jessica Ware
The number of women in the UK being referred to breast cancer clinics doubled shortly after actress Angelina Jolie revealed she had a risk-reducing double mastectomy, a study has found.... [Read More]

Blood test can tell when prostate cancer drugs stop working

22 September 2014 - by James Brooks
A study where the tumour DNA of 16 prostate cancer patients was frequently checked suggests that, in some patients, commonly used anti-cancer drugs may actually boost tumour growth after a while... [Read More]

Gene find for rare respiratory disease

22 September 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
Scientists have uncovered a gene linked to a rare disease that causes respiratory problems similar to cystic fibrosis... [Read More]

Mice with added human gene are fast learners

22 September 2014 - by Isobel Steer
Mice engineered to carry a human version of the 'language gene' can learn to navigate a maze faster than normal mice. The study offers some insight into how humans evolved to produce and understand speech.... [Read More]

'Personalised' skin cancer drug wins NICE approval

22 September 2014 - by Dr Lanay Tierney
A skin cancer drug designed to be effective in patients whose cancer is driven by a specific gene mutation has been recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to treat patients with advanced melanoma... [Read More]

Pregnant women confident in new blood test for Down's syndrome

22 September 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
Women are confident in and value a new non-invasive prenatal test for Down syndrome that is being trialled across a number of maternity clinics in the UK, a study reports... [Read More]

Schizophrenia is actually eight distinct disorders, say scientists after genome study

22 September 2014 - by Chris Hardy
Schizophrenia might in fact be a group of related but distinct genetic disorders - a study has identified specific gene clusters that can be linked to eight clinically different types of the psychiatric illness... [Read More]

Some NHS commissioners paying twice as much for IVF

22 September 2014 - by Rebecca Carr
Research conducted by the campaign group Fertility Fairness has uncovered significant variations in the amount that NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups are paying for one cycle of IVF treatment.... [Read More]

Activated gene extends life by a third - in fruit flies

15 September 2014 - by Ari Haque
Activating a single gene can slow the ageing process and considerably extend life, scientists have discovered... [Read More]

Human stem cells reset to 'pristine' embryonic state

15 September 2014 - by Rhys Baker
Human pluripotent stem cells have been 'reset' to resemble embryonic stem cells at the earliest developmental state yet achieved... [Read More]

'Offer breast cancer risk gene screening to every 30-year-old woman', says scientist who discovered BRCA1

15 September 2014 - by Rachel Brown
A leading scientist involved in the identification of the BRCA1 gene mutation has recommended that genetic screening of the BRCA genes should be routinely offered to all women aged 30 years or over.... [Read More]

Prostate cancer study picks out 23 risk genes

15 September 2014 - by Anna Cauldwell
Twenty-three genetic variants associated with increased risk of prostate cancer have been identified in a new study, bringing the total number of susceptibility variants for the disease to 100... [Read More]

Prototype lung cancer breath test checks for gene mutations

15 September 2014 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
Scientists have shown that minimal genetic changes can be detected in vapour containing cells engineered to replicate early stage lung cancer.... [Read More]

Australian federal court throws out appeal on gene patenting

08 September 2014 - by Matthew Thomas
Gene sequences isolated from the human body are patentable, according to a ruling by the Australian federal court... [Read More]

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