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Blood test could warn of return of skin cancer

11 December 2017 - by Shaoni Bhattacharya
UK scientists say they are closer to developing an 'early warning system' for the return of cancer in patients using a simple blood test... [Read More]

First trials of Huntington's drug show it could slow disease

11 December 2017 - by Martha Henriques
A breakthrough trial has successfully reduced levels of the harmful protein that causes the neurodegenerative disease Huntington's... [Read More]

First US baby born after uterus transplant

11 December 2017 - by Sam Sherratt
A woman in Texas has become the first person in the USA to give birth after receiving a uterus transplant... [Read More]

Gene therapy directed straight to the brain works in mice

11 December 2017 - by Ewa Zotow
Scientists revealed an innovative method which can be used to transplant blood-forming stem cells directly into the brain... [Read More]

Gene therapy hope for haemophilia

11 December 2017 - by Charlotte Spicer
Scientists have successfully used gene therapy to prevent bleeding in a small trial of patients with the inherited blood disorder haemophilia B... [Read More]

Large volumes of stem cells collected during caesareans

11 December 2017 - by Emma Laycock
An efficient method to collect amniotic fluid rich in stem cells during caesarean sections has been developed by scientists in Sweden... [Read More]

New CRISPR technique reverses diabetes and kidney failure in mice without cutting DNA

11 December 2017 - by Isobel Steer
Scientists in California have used a modified form of the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing approach to epigenetically treat diabetes, kidney disease and muscular dystrophy in mice... [Read More]

Surrogate sues clinic for using embryos without consent

11 December 2017 - by Theofanis Michailidis
A woman who acted as a surrogate for friends has sued the fertility clinic where they were treated, after it transferred one of the unused embryos made using her eggs to impregnate the same couple, without her consent... [Read More]

FDA okays test for many cancer-causing genes

04 December 2017 - by Theofanis Michailidis
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a test which can detect cancer-causing mutations in 324 genes... [Read More]

Gene that protects against Alzheimer's disease found

04 December 2017 - by Ewa Zotow
Researchers have discovered a gene which may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease... [Read More]

Snuggled babies show lasting changes to their DNA

04 December 2017 - by Sam Sherratt
Close, physical contact – or the lack of it - at an early age may lead to lasting changes to the genes, suggest researchers... [Read More]

Study gives piercing insight into earlobe genetics

04 December 2017 - by Martha Henriques
A total of 49 genes have been found to influence earlobe shape and attachment, new research has found... [Read More]

Synthetic DNA used to make proteins in living cells

04 December 2017 - by Dr James Heather
Two extra letters have been added to the genetic code in bacteria, bringing the number of 'letters' up to six... [Read More]

UK Parliament considers law change on single-parent surrogacy

04 December 2017 - by Jennifer Willows
A remedial order has been laid before Parliament which, if passed, will give single people the same rights as couples to become the legal parents of their surrogate-born children... [Read More]

Air pollution linked to poorer sperm quality

27 November 2017 - by Dr Rosie Gilchrist
Men living in areas with higher air pollution are also more likely to have a higher proportion of abnormally shaped sperm... [Read More]

Dolly the cloned sheep did not age prematurely

27 November 2017 - by Dr Rachel Huddart
Fears that cloning caused Dolly the Sheep to have early-onset osteoarthritis are 'unfounded', according to new research... [Read More]

FDA issues warning on DIY gene-therapy kits

27 November 2017 - by Theofanis Michailidis
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking an active stance against the use of 'do it yourself' gene therapy kits... [Read More]

Gene therapy effective for treatment-resistant leukaemia

27 November 2017 - by Sam Sherratt
A new gene therapy for leukaemia is effective for a majority of patients who showed resistance to previous therapies... [Read More]

Human stem cells help paraplegic rats walk again

27 November 2017 - by Ewa Zotow
Paraplegic rats were able to walk after being treated with human stem cells. This is the first time lower body movement has been restored after an animal's spinal cord has been completely severed... [Read More]

Illumina wins NIPT patent case in UK High Court

27 November 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown
The UK Patents Court has ruled that two separate non-invasive prenatal tests infringe patents licensed by the US firm Illumina... [Read More]


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