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Blood test predicts breast cancer relapse

01 September 2015 - by Hannah Somers
Scientists have developed a blood test that can predict several months in advance which breast cancer patients will relapse.

Epigenetics: Holocaust trauma passed down the generations?

01 September 2015 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
Genetic expression adjustments linked to stress and trauma may be inherited by children, a study has claimed. The findings may support the view that the effects of life experiences on gene expression could be passed on to the next generation... [Read More]

Genetic findings confirm vitamin D–MS link

01 September 2015 - by Lubna Ahmed
A recent study by researchers in Canada has found that people who are genetically susceptible to low vitamin-D levels are at a higher risk of multiple sclerosis... [Read More]

IVF availability linked to motherhood delay

01 September 2015 - by Arit Udoh
Access to IVF may serve as 'fertility insurance' for women, making them more inclined to delay motherhood and focus on their career, a study has suggested... [Read More]

Nepalese court suspends commercial surrogacy

01 September 2015 - by Ana Ilic
An injunction has been issued in Nepal to stop women from carrying surrogate pregnancies on behalf of foreigners... [Read More]

Young breast cancer patients forgo tamoxifen over fertility concerns

01 September 2015 - by Kirsty Oswald
Researchers in the USA have found that fertility concerns may be contributing to low tamoxifen use and discontinuation of the drug among reproductive-age breast cancer patients... [Read More]

Australian couple denied IVF on child welfare grounds

24 August 2015 - by Rachel Brown
An Australian couple have been denied access to IVF after a court ruled it would not be in the best interests of the child.... [Read More]

Bipolar disorder linked to high intelligence

24 August 2015 - by Julianna Photopoulos
A high childhood IQ is linked to an increased risk of bipolar disorder in adulthood, according to new research published in the British Journal of Psychiatry... [Read More]

Gene therapy restores sight in mice

24 August 2015 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
An experimental form of gene therapy to treat blindness has been showed to restore some vision in mice.... [Read More]

Genetic switch directs fat cells to burn energy

24 August 2015 - by James Heather
Researchers have discovered the mechanism that links variations in the so-called 'obesity gene' FTO to weight gain... [Read More]

Most complete 'human brain' grown in lab

24 August 2015 - by Julia Hill
For the first time, an almost fully formed human brain has been grown in the lab, according to scientists from Ohio State University... [Read More]

Precision medicine approach effective in lung cancer

24 August 2015 - by Kirsty Oswald
Researchers have shown that a skin cancer drug can be used to treat advanced lung cancer in patients whose tumours harbour a particular mutation... [Read More]

Ageing ovaries - not eggs - may lead to IVF failure

17 August 2015 - by Kirsty Oswald
Changes to the activity of cells in the ovary may contribute to poorer IVF success rates among women in their 40s... [Read More]

Ancestral humans had more DNA

17 August 2015 - by Isobel Steer
Compared to ancestral humans, most modern people have lost 40.7 million base pairs of DNA... [Read More]

Donor IVF less successful with frozen eggs

17 August 2015 - by Meghna Kataria
Using frozen donated eggs over fresh ones for IVF hampers the odds of a successful live birth, a study has found... [Read More]

Multigene testing proves useful for breast and ovarian cancer

17 August 2015 - by Dr Nicoletta Charolidi
Researchers have found that tests for multiple breast and ovarian cancer risk genes can be used to inform treatment decisions for women with personal or family history for such cancers... [Read More]

Number of single women using IVF tripled in last decade

17 August 2015 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
The number of single women using fertility clinics in the UK has tripled in the last decade and has risen by 20 percent in just one year, reports the Mail Online... [Read More]

Texas sperm bank sued for giving sperm to man's ex-girlfriend

17 August 2015 - by Ruth Retassie
A court case has begun involving a man's claim against a US fertility clinic and his ex-girlfriend, who allegedly procured vials of his sperm without his permission to conceive a child... [Read More]

Chinese egg-freezing ban criticised

10 August 2015 - by Mary Yarwood
The ban on single women freezing their eggs in China has been heavily criticised on social media after a Chinese actress revealed that she had travelled to the USA in 2013 to have her eggs cryopreserved... [Read More]

Genetic switch left 'on' linked to autism

10 August 2015 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
Researchers in the United States have demonstrated how a gene mutation can contribute to a particular form of autism... [Read More]


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