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Embryonic spinal cord precursor cells generated for first time

26 August 2014 - by Dr Lux Fatimathas
Scientists have generated the specialised cells in the embryo that go on to form spinal cord, muscle and bone tissue and used them to produce nerve and muscle cells... [Read More]

Epigenetic changes linked to Alzheimer's

26 August 2014 - by Claire Downes
Researchers have identified a connection between DNA methylation and Alzheimer's disease, gaining a further understanding into the underlying causes of this neurodegenerative condition.... [Read More]

Illumina partners big pharma for 'one gene test fits all' approach to cancer

26 August 2014 - by Molly Godfrey
The DNA sequencing company Illumina have announced collaborations with three major pharmaceutical companies - AstraZeneca, Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson - to develop a single test for several gene mutations in cancer... [Read More]

Man accused of fathering 12 surrogate babies in Thailand

26 August 2014 - by Jessica Ware
A Japanese businessman may have fathered up to 15 children using Thai surrogates, 12 of whom remain in Thailand.... [Read More]

Over 500 UK sperm donors have 'fathered' more than ten children each

26 August 2014 - by Nishat Hyder
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has revealed that 504 sperm donors in the UK have between them 'fathered' more than 6,200 children.... [Read More]

Thymus grown in mice following cell transplant

26 August 2014 - by James Heather
Researchers from the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh, UK, have for the first time produced complete working organs from genetically 'reprogrammed' cells. Engineered cells were inserted into adult mice, where they grew into what appeared to be functional thymuses.... [Read More]

Alzheimer's-linked gene missing in man with healthy brain

18 August 2014 - by Chris Hardy
A man without a working copy of a gene thought to be necessary for healthy brain function - and linked with Alzheimer's disease - has a 'grossly normal cognitive status'. Targeting this gene in people at-risk for the disease could help to protect them against it... [Read More]

Gene therapy trial begins in heart pump patients

18 August 2014 - by Isobel Steer
A gene therapy trial has been launched to help people with advanced heart failure who must constantly carry a bulky battery to power an artificial heart pump.... [Read More]

Judge awards birth mother custody of twins after Italian IVF mix-up

18 August 2014 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
An Italian judge has ordered that two children born following an embryo mix-up at a Rome fertility clinic should reside with the birth mother and not with the twins' biological parents.... [Read More]

Stroke patients improve after stem cell therapy

18 August 2014 - by Barbara Czub
Five stroke patients have begun to recover after being treated with their own stem cells, and have reported no side effects six months after treatment... [Read More]

Thailand moves to ban commercial surrogacy

18 August 2014 - by Chee Hoe Low
Thailand's Government has approved a draft law intended to make commercial surrogacy a criminal offence, leaving foreign couples reportedly unable to take their surrogate-born children out of the country.... [Read More]

Zebrafish research uncovers how stem cells form

18 August 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
Researchers studying the zebrafish have discovered how a certain type of stem cell, which produces all the blood cells in the body, is formed... [Read More]

Anger as York backtracks on IVF funding promise

11 August 2014 - by Ayesha Ahmad
NHS bosses in York have been accused of backtracking on a promise to restart funding for IVF treatment, disappointing an estimated 110 couples requiring treatment in the area... [Read More]

Cancer risk genes: could PALB2 be BRCA3?

11 August 2014 - by Kimberley Bryon-Dodd
A new study suggests that mutations in a gene called PALB2 are just behind BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations as a leading genetic risk factor for breast cancer... [Read More]

First 'money-back guarantee' IVF scheme launches in UK

11 August 2014 - by Ari Haque
A fertility clinic in Manchester has launched a new scheme that will give a refund to patients who fail to have a baby after undertaking IVF treatment... [Read More]

Leading stem cell scientist and STAP supervisor found dead in apparent suicide

11 August 2014 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
A leading Japanese scientist who was embroiled in the STAP cell controversy has been found dead in an apparent suicide.... [Read More]

Offer screening in pregnancy for chromosome disorders earlier, say experts

11 August 2014 - by Victoria Burchell
Expectant mothers should be offered earlier screening for rare chromosomal conditions, the UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) recommends... [Read More]

UK national sperm bank given green light

11 August 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
The first national sperm bank is to be opened in England this October after receiving a £77,000 grant from the Department of Health... [Read More]

100,000 genomes project will make UK 'world leader in DNA testing'

04 August 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
The UK Government has announced it will provide £300 million funding for a project to sequence 100,000 genomes, saying that it will 'revolutionise [the] fight against cancer and rare diseases'... [Read More]

Blood test could reveal suicide risk

04 August 2014 - by Dr Katie Howe
Variations in a single gene could be used to predict if someone is at risk of committing suicide, say scientists at Johns Hopkins University... [Read More]

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