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BRCA gene cannot be patented, says Australia's High Court

12 October 2015 - by Cait McDonagh
An isolated gene sequence cannot be patented, Australia's highest court has unanimously ruled. It is the latest and final decision in litigation that has lasted over five years... [Read More]

'Epigenetic signature' of male homosexuality

12 October 2015 - by Dr Ashley Cartwright
Researchers in the USA have developed an epigenetic test which they claim can predict whether a man is gay or straight with 67 percent accuracy... [Read More]

Freezing ovaries preserves fertility for cancer patients

12 October 2015 - by Rachel Brown
A Danish study has reported that ovarian tissue transplants appear to be safe and can restore fertility in women who have undergone treatment for cancer, with around one in three procedures in young women leading to live births.... [Read More]

Miniature kidneys grown from human skin cells

12 October 2015 - by Rhys Baker
Australian scientists have successfully grown 'mini kidneys' from stem cells derived from skin tissue... [Read More]

Nobel Prize for DNA repair scientists

12 October 2015 - by Dr James Heather
The 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to scientists who discovered the cellular mechanisms for repairing damaged DNA... [Read More]

Womb transplants approved for ten UK women

12 October 2015 - by Nina Chohan
Ethical approval has been given for clinical trials involving ten womb transplants in the UK to go ahead.... [Read More]

Fertility clinics report number of 'virgin births'

05 October 2015 - by Julianna Photopoulos
Single women in the UK who have never had sex are using IVF to have 'virgin births', reports the Mail on Sunday.... [Read More]

Gene test identifies breast cancer patients who can avoid chemotherapy

05 October 2015 - by Dr Nicola Davis
A genetic test that can identify women with early-stage breast cancer who can be spared unnecessary treatment with chemotherapy has been shown to be effective in a clinical study... [Read More]

Largest catalogue of human genomic variation published

05 October 2015 - by Dr Rosie Morley
An international team of scientists from the 1000 Genomes Project Consortium has created the world's largest catalogue of genomic differences among humans... [Read More]

New CRISPR technique could improve precision

05 October 2015 - by Meghna Kataria
Scientists have identified a new version of the gene-editing technique CRISPR, which could enable greater precision in the editing of genomes, while making its use simpler and more flexible... [Read More]

North East Essex CCG cuts IVF funding

05 October 2015 - by Kirsty Oswald
North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group has announced that it is ending its IVF funding, and fertility treatment will only be available to specific groups of patients... [Read More]

Reawakening of ancient virus may trigger motor neurone disease

05 October 2015 - by Hannah Somers
Reactivation of an ancient virus embedded in the human genome may trigger the onset of motor neurone disease... [Read More]

UK stem-cell trial for wet AMD goes ahead

05 October 2015 - by Jenny Sharpe
A potential treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration has been carried out for the first time... [Read More]

Clomiphene outperforms new treatment for unexplained fertility

28 September 2015 - by Arit Udoh
A study shows that treatment of unexplained infertility with the standard treatment clomiphene results in more live births, and a lower risk of multiple births, than a potential new drug letrozole... [Read More]

Mutations may predict breast cancer relapse

28 September 2015 - by Neil Stoker
Researchers have identified genetic differences in breast cancers that relapse and those that do not, suggesting that the finding could be used to help doctors identify patients most at risk of their cancer returning... [Read More]

NHS England sets out personalised medicine strategy

28 September 2015 - by Kirsty Oswald
NHS England's national medical director, Sir Bruce Keogh, has outlined how the organisation's approach to personalised medicine will develop over the coming years and expand beyond the work of the 100,000 Genomes Project... [Read More]

Researchers 'plumb in' lab-grown kidneys

28 September 2015 - by Dr Greg Ball
Researchers in Japan have found a way to overcome a major obstacle to using stem-cell grown kidneys in animals... [Read More]

STAP stem-cell findings were result of contamination

28 September 2015 - by Rebecca Carr
Researchers investigating the purported creation of 'STAP' cells have confirmed that the pluripotent cells were in fact derived from embryonic stem (ES) cells... [Read More]

UK Biobank data reveals new associations between smoking and lung cancer

28 September 2015 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
Health and genetic data from the UK Biobank has revealed new genetic associations between smoking and lung cancer, including five areas of DNA for the first time associated with heavy smoking.

FDA controls urged for unregulated stem cell treatments

21 September 2015 - by Paul Waldron
The Food and Drug Administration must do more to control clinics offering unproven stem cell treatments in the USA, say scientists.... [Read More]


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