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Activated gene extends life by a third - in fruit flies

15 September 2014 - by Ari Haque
Activating a single gene can slow the ageing process and considerably extend life, scientists have discovered... [Read More]

Human stem cells reset to 'pristine' embryonic state

15 September 2014 - by Rhys Baker
Human pluripotent stem cells have been 'reset' to resemble embryonic stem cells at the earliest developmental state yet achieved... [Read More]

'Offer breast cancer risk gene screening to every 30-year-old woman', says scientist who discovered BRCA1

15 September 2014 - by Rachel Brown
A leading scientist involved in the identification of the BRCA1 gene mutation has recommended that genetic screening of the BRCA genes should be routinely offered to all women aged 30 years or over.... [Read More]

Prostate cancer study picks out 23 risk genes

15 September 2014 - by Anna Cauldwell
Twenty-three genetic variants associated with increased risk of prostate cancer have been identified in a new study, bringing the total number of susceptibility variants for the disease to 100... [Read More]

Prototype lung cancer breath test checks for gene mutations

15 September 2014 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
Scientists have shown that minimal genetic changes can be detected in vapour containing cells engineered to replicate early stage lung cancer.... [Read More]

Australian federal court throws out appeal on gene patenting

08 September 2014 - by Matthew Thomas
Gene sequences isolated from the human body are patentable, according to a ruling by the Australian federal court... [Read More]

Canadian cancer centre reports 'Angelina effect'

08 September 2014 - by Kimberley Bryon-Dodd
Angelina Jolie's decision to openly discuss her preventative double mastectomy after testing positive for a dangerous BRCA1 mutation may have led to a dramatic upswing in referrals to genetic counselling services, if results from a Canadian study are widely applicable... [Read More]

Holding back the telomeres: stand up for healthier DNA

08 September 2014 - by Dr Rachael Panizzo
Spending more time on your feet may protect DNA from 'cellular ageing' and extend life, a small Swedish study has found... [Read More]

Mitochondrial replacement debated in UK Parliament

08 September 2014 - by Sandy Starr
A group of backbench MPs, led by Conservative MP Fiona Bruce, has sought to delay the laying before Parliament of regulations permitting the use of mitochondrial replacement techniques... [Read More]

Study of Ashkenazi Jewish women suggests gene screening rethink

08 September 2014 - by Dr Charlotte Warren-Gash
All Ashkenazi Jewish women should be screened for high-cancer-risk genetic mutations) from age 30, say scientists behind a study looking at that population.... [Read More]

Ebola virus is mutating fast, gene studies find

01 September 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
The ebola virus has accumulated hundreds of mutations since the beginning of the current outbreak, researchers analysing the viral genome have found... [Read More]

Gene linked to alcohol dependence

01 September 2014 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars
Mice lacking a gene called NF1 are less prone to excessive drinking in an animal model, scientists have found. When the researchers looked at the same gene in humans, they found that variations in NF1 are linked with increased risk and severity of alcoholism... [Read More]

No sign of STAP cells so far in validation experiments

01 September 2014 - by Nicoletta Charolidi
Efforts to replicate the STAP cell findings have not been successful so far, the RIKEN Institute has reported... [Read More]

Swiss and Italian courts move towards parental rights for same-sex couples

01 September 2014 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
Judges in two European countries with restrictive laws governing IVF and surrogacy have taken steps towards recognising non-biological parents in same-sex relationships as the legal parents of children born through assisted conception.... [Read More]

Thai Prime Minister promises 'leniency' and 'case-by-case' approach in surrogacy crackdown

01 September 2014 - by Rebecca Carr
Thailand's military junta has pledged a transitional period of leniency in cases of babies born to surrogate mothers, as it prepares to tighten its laws on the country's surrogacy industry.... [Read More]

Embryonic spinal cord precursor cells generated for first time

26 August 2014 - by Dr Lux Fatimathas
Scientists have generated the specialised cells in the embryo that go on to form spinal cord, muscle and bone tissue and used them to produce nerve and muscle cells... [Read More]

Epigenetic changes linked to Alzheimer's

26 August 2014 - by Claire Downes
Researchers have identified a connection between DNA methylation and Alzheimer's disease, gaining a further understanding into the underlying causes of this neurodegenerative condition.... [Read More]

Illumina partners big pharma for 'one gene test fits all' approach to cancer

26 August 2014 - by Molly Godfrey
The DNA sequencing company Illumina have announced collaborations with three major pharmaceutical companies - AstraZeneca, Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson - to develop a single test for several gene mutations in cancer... [Read More]

Man accused of fathering 12 surrogate babies in Thailand

26 August 2014 - by Jessica Ware
A Japanese businessman may have fathered up to 15 children using Thai surrogates, 12 of whom remain in Thailand.... [Read More]

Over 500 UK sperm donors have 'fathered' more than ten children each

26 August 2014 - by Nishat Hyder
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has revealed that 504 sperm donors in the UK have between them 'fathered' more than 6,200 children.... [Read More]

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