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Dr Linda Wijlaars

Dr Linda Wijlaars is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She has completed a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London's Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health, and she also writes for the Royal Statistical Society's magazine Significance. Her research focuses on the effects of postnatal depression on childhood depression, drawing upon the Health Improvement Network database. Previously, she studied Biomedical Sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen. She blogs at Epidemiologista, and she tweets as @epidemiologista


BioNews Review articles written by Dr Linda Wijlaars:

Review: Panorama – Can You Cure My Cancer?

02 March 2015 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

This well-timed Panorama documentary details how innovative treatments are being developed at the Institute of Cancer Research and trialled at the Royal Marsden...

Film Review: Dance Your PhD

09 December 2013 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

Dancing cocks (that's male chickens, cheeky) in tight speedos fighting over a scantily clad egg might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about PhD theses. However, that just about describes this year's winner of Science magazine's Dance Your PhD contest... [Read More]

Event Review: Sexuality After Genetics - The New Science of Gender

16 September 2013 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

It might seem a bit simplistic to start a review of a debate with the dictionary definition, but after watching Professor Tim Spector's and Dr Helena Cronin's debate on the new science of gender, I just had to go back and check.... [Read More]

TV Review: Fat Family Tree

28 May 2013 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

When a well-known GP promises us 'gene-busting' failsafe diet tips on TV, they should have some serious science backing it up... [Read More]

Event Review: The Population Laboratory

17 September 2012 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

It is not often that you get the chance attend a seminar organised by an institution that is still under construction. Due to open in 2015, the building that will house the Francis Crick Institute currently comprises a rudimentary basement and ground floor, a handful of towering cranes and a swanky visitor centre... [Read More]

Radio Review: The Sunday Edition - Wanted, Egg Donor in Good Health

05 March 2012 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

This radio documentary on the potential complications of egg donation would make any woman think twice about donating eggs... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Linda Wijlaars:


Preeclampsia risk linked to DNA of baby, not mother

26 June 2017 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

Preeclampsia – a dangerous rise in blood pressure in pregnant women – has been linked to a genetic variant found in the baby, instead of the mother... [Read More]

DNA ageing reversed in mice

27 March 2017 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

Scientists have reversed ageing in mice by adding a chemical involved in DNA repair to their drinking water... [Read More]

Doudna and Charpentier win 2017 Japan Prize for CRISPR

06 February 2017 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

Professors Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier have won the 2017 Japan Prize for their work on the genome-editing technology CRISPR/Cas9.... [Read More]

Australian fertility clinic loses embryos during power outage

30 September 2016 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

Twelve families in South Australia have lost embryos after a power outage compromised the incubators that the embryos were being stored in... [Read More]

Sperm shortage in New Zealand

19 September 2016 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

New Zealand is facing a shortage of donor sperm, with some fertility experts saying women are waiting up to two years to receive treatment... [Read More]

One in three couples conceive naturally after IVF failure

01 August 2016 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

Around one in three women conceive naturally in the six years after discontinuing fertility treatment, an internet survey of over 400 women has found... [Read More]

55-year-old becomes Britain's oldest mother of triplets

11 April 2016 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

A 55-year old woman from Boston, England, has become Britain's oldest mother of triplets... [Read More]

US military to offer egg and sperm freezing to service members

08 February 2016 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

The US Department of Defense will offer to pay for active service members to have their sperm or eggs frozen in an effort to retain troops... [Read More]

Unlicensed sperm donor claims to have fathered 800 children

18 January 2016 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

A man from Luton, Bedfordshire, claims to have fathered 'in excess of 800 children' through unlicensed artificial sperm donations... [Read More]

Epigenetic variation predicts post-natal depression

03 August 2015 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars

Epigenetic variation can predict the risk of post-natal depression symptoms in women without a history of depression, researchers from the UK and US have found... [Read More]




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