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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: The Who, the What, the Why and the How

Dr Lanay Tierney

Dr Lanay Tierney is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, Project Manager at a science communications company in Vienna, and a science writer for publications including Chemistry World and the Vienna Review. She originally studied Biology at Boston College, and went on to obtain a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Vienna. There, she conducted research in the fields of infection and systems biology in the Max F Perutz Laboratories, publishing several articles on the common fungal pathogen Candida albicans. She tweets as @LanayTierney


BioNews Review articles written by Dr Lanay Tierney:

Film Review: Future Baby

09 May 2016 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

Austrian documentary film-maker Maria Arlamovsky journeys around the world, investigating the state of reproductive treatment. Her film asks a single question: how far should we go?

BioNews News articles written by Dr Lanay Tierney:


German Parliament passes the Sperm Donor Registry Act

30 May 2017 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

The German Parliament has passed the Sperm Donor Registry Act, which will allow children born from 2018 onwards to access their donors' information... [Read More]

Virus linked to unexplained infertility in women

11 July 2016 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

A little-known virus has been found in the uteruses of around half of women with unexplained infertility, a study has found... [Read More]

Zika's achilles heel spotted with help from CRISPR

27 June 2016 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

Researchers have pinpointed a gene that, if blocked, may stop Zika and other related viruses in their tracks... [Read More]

HIV edited out of T cells using CRISPR

04 April 2016 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

Scientists have used the CRISPR genome-editing technique to remove HIV from the DNA of infected T cells and prevent reinfection... [Read More]

Lack of stem cells in womb linked to recurrent miscarriage

14 March 2016 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

Recurrent miscarriage could be caused by a lack of resident stem cells in the lining of the womb, according to a study... [Read More]

Mini brains 'could transform drug testing'

22 February 2016 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

Miniature brains made out of clusters of human cells could revolutionise high-throughput drug screening, said scientists at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Washington, DC, earlier this month... [Read More]

Adult stem cells reverse multiple sclerosis in UK trial

25 January 2016 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

A stem cell treatment routinely used for bone and blood cancers is showing promise at reversing the effects of multiple sclerosis... [Read More]

Inuit have unique genes for metabolising omega-3 fats

21 September 2015 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

Decades of advice on the protective effects of omega-3 fatty acids are being challenged by a study of the genomes of the Inuit population in Greenland... [Read More]

Wild chimps have gene that may protect against HIV

01 June 2015 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

Part of a gene that protects against the progression of HIV in humans has been identified in Tanzanian chimps... [Read More]

Findings boost HIV gene therapy optimism

23 February 2015 - by Dr Lanay Tierney

A kind of gene therapy has been shown to protect monkeys against HIV infection. The potential treatment instructs muscle cells to produce a protein that effectively neutralises the virus... [Read More]




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