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The Fertility Show, Manchester Central, 24-25 March 2018

Kulraj Singh Bhangra

Kulraj Singh Bhangra is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. He is currently completing a Doctoral Training Programme in Medical Device Innovation at University College London, which has involved completing an MRes in Medical Technology Entrepreneurship prior to commencing his PhD. His PhD project involves combining tissue engineering, biomaterials and computational modelling techniques to develop living replacement tissue for repairing the nervous system. Owing to its interdisciplinary nature, the project has four supervisors - Dr David Choi, Professor Jonathan Knowles, Dr James Phillips and Dr Rebecca Shipley. Previously, he studied Medical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London's School of Engineering and Materials Science. He has a strong interest in promoting the public understanding of science, and has been involved in local and national outreach activities including the Big Bang Fair and the Cheltenham Science Festival.


BioNews Review articles written by Kulraj Singh Bhangra:

Radio Review: The Life Scientific - Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

04 April 2016 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

Professor Jim Al-Khalili interviews Professor Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Nobel Prize winner and President of the Royal Society about his life and work in science... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Kulraj Singh Bhangra:


Key CRISPR players agree to patent pool

17 July 2017 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

The Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard will take part in an initiative to simplify licensing CRISPR genome editing technology to other organisations and institutions... [Read More]

Europe's first gene therapy withdrawn

24 April 2017 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

A million-dollar gene therapy treatment for a rare blood disease will be withdrawn from the European market due to lack of demand... [Read More]

Smartphone DNA sequencer developed

23 January 2017 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

Scientists have created a smartphone microscope attachment that can image and analyse┬áDNA sequences... [Read More]

23andMe halts development of next-generation gene sequencing

31 October 2016 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

Personal genomics company 23andMe has halted plans to develop next-generation sequencing technology, it has revealed ... [Read More]

NIH announces genomic data sharing initiative

13 June 2016 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

The US National Institutes of Health has announced a new initiative that encourages the sharing of genomic and clinical data among researchers across the world... [Read More]

Stem cells restore sight in children with cataracts

14 March 2016 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

Scientists have shown that stem cells found in the eye can restore vision in children with cataracts... [Read More]

Pancreatic cancer is 'four different diseases'

07 March 2016 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

A collaboration between scientists from around the world has identified four subtypes of pancreatic cancer... [Read More]

Embryo 'squishing' could improve IVF success rates

29 February 2016 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

Researchers in the USA have shown that 'squishing' an egg within hours of fertilisation can indicate how healthy and viable it is... [Read More]

3D bioprinter builds artificial bone, muscle and cartilage

22 February 2016 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

Researchers in the USA have designed a 3D printer that can build living cells around a biodegradable structure to construct various artificial tissues... [Read More]

Sure Genomics offers direct-to-consumer whole-genome sequencing

15 February 2016 - by Kulraj Singh Bhangra

US start-up company Sure Genomics has launched the first whole-genome testing service available directly to consumers, for a cost of $2500... [Read More]




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