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King's College London - Health: More than a medical matter

Jessica Ware

Jessica Ware is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.


BioNews Review articles written by Jessica Ware:

Radio Review: A donation for life

12 August 2013 - by Jessica Ware

After a German court ruled that a 22-year-old woman conceived via sperm donation could know the identity of her biological father, radio station 1Live caught up with her and took a look into the world of assisted conception in Germany... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Jessica Ware:

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Fertility declines after 35, researchers remind women

16 September 2013 - by Jessica Ware

A leading reproductive biologist has warned against delaying motherhood beyond 35 years old, highlighting the risks of age related infertility.... [Read More]

First IVF provider to be floated on stock market sees early share price boost

17 June 2013 - by Jessica Ware

The first IVF business to be listed on the stock market enjoyed a buoyant first day of trading on the Australian exchange. Shares in Virtus Health closed 8.5 percent above their starting price, which was already set at the top end of an indicative range... [Read More]

Polish justice minister fired over comments on IVF and embryo experimentation

07 May 2013 - by Jessica Ware

Poland's justice minister has been dismissed from his position after weeks of conflict with the country's prime minister over state-funded IVF and civil partnership... [Read More]

German court case may put an end to a sperm donor's anonymity

11 February 2013 - by Jessica Ware

A regional appeals court in Hamm, Germany has ruled that a 22-year-old woman conceived via an anonymous sperm donor has a legal right to find out the identity of her biological father... [Read More]

Widow wins right to retrieve husband's sperm

07 January 2013 - by Jessica Ware

A Western Australian judge has granted a newly widowed woman the right to retrieve sperm from her dead husband, although a further court order will be required before it can be used for any purpose.... [Read More]

Regulator lifts restrictions on Belfast fertility clinic

22 October 2012 - by Jessica Ware

A private fertility clinic in Belfast that was ordered to stop accepting patients after concerns over non-compliance with regulations has had its restrictions lifted after nearly two months... [Read More]

Funding boost for IVF in Scotland but smokers and overweight denied treatment in Fife

01 October 2012 - by Jessica Ware

NHS Fife will no longer provide fertility treatment to couples if either of them smokes, or if the woman is overweight. In the same week, the Scottish Government has pledged to invest £12 million over the next three years to reduce waiting times for infertility treatment across Scotland... [Read More]

Belfast fertility clinic to challenge watchdog's ruling

28 August 2012 - by Jessica Ware

A Northern Irish fertility clinic has protested against a regulatory notice which could mean it may have to stop accepting new patients.... [Read More]

Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust boosts IVF provision

16 July 2012 - by Jessica Ware

Couples undergoing fertility treatment in Gloucestershire will soon have access to three NHS-funded cycles of IVF treatment instead of just one. Eligibility criteria will also be widened, it was announced this month... [Read More]

Clinic offers free IVF treatment to winners of video competition

25 June 2012 - by Jessica Ware

The Sher Institute, a network of eight fertility clinics in the USA, has announced the three couples to win an IVF giveaway contest... [Read More]

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