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BioNews, published by the Progress Educational Trust (PET), provides news and comment on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. You can subscribe to the BioNews email newsletter for free.

Fertility clinics report number of 'virgin births'
05 October 2015 - by Julianna Photopoulos
Single women in the UK who have never had sex are using IVF to have 'virgin births', reports the Mail on Sunday.... [Read More]

Gene test identifies breast cancer patients who can avoid chemotherapy
05 October 2015 - by Dr Nicola Davis
A genetic test that can identify women with early-stage breast cancer who can be spared unnecessary treatment with chemotherapy has been shown to be effective in a clinical study... [Read More]

Largest catalogue of human genomic variation published
05 October 2015 - by Dr Rosie Morley
An international team of scientists from the 1000 Genomes Project Consortium has created the world's largest catalogue of genomic differences among humans... [Read More]

In future we'll all access our genomes online
05 October 2015 - by Terry Vrijenhoek
A recent case in the Netherlands, in which a young woman got hereditary breast cancer because she was unaware that her deceased aunt had a breast cancer gene, has sparked a debate in the country over who is responsible for passing on such information - patients or doctors... [Read More]

The case against human cloning
28 September 2015 - by Brendan Foht
Compared to the frenzy over human cloning a decade ago, in recent years the issue has received very little political attention. But as the ongoing fights over CRISPR and mitochondrial replacement show, some of the underlying debates are still with us... [Read More]

Legal parenthood – the answer is in black and white (bold, CAPS & italics)
21 September 2015 - by Andrew Berkley
There is no excuse for the administrative incompetence of fertility clinics that has resulted in legal parenthood uncertainty for at least 84 couples, but are medical providers the ideal professionals to seek consent for legal parenthood?... [Read More]

Book Review: Louise Brown - My Life as the World's First Test-Tube Baby
05 October 2015 - by Sarah Norcross
'My Life as the World’s First Test-Tube Baby' is a must-read for anyone who works in this sector – especially those who are too young to remember the circumstances around Louise Brown's birth... [Read More]

Event Review: The Ethics of Mitochondrial Donation
05 October 2015 - by Dr John B Appleby
A workshop organised to facilitate further in-depth ethical discussions about mitochondrial donation was recently held at the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics... [Read More]

TV Review: Countdown to Life, The Extraordinary Making of You - The First Eight Weeks
28 September 2015 - by Professor Sandy Raeburn
About forty years ago meetings of the London Dysmorphology Club were held at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This club set out to document the clinical features of childhood congenital disorders and to give as precise a label as possible to the underlying conditions, most of which were extremely rare.... [Read More]

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