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BioNews, published by the Progress Educational Trust (PET), provides news and comment on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. You can subscribe to the BioNews email newsletter for free.

China calls on men to donate sperm
20 June 2016 - by Sarah Gregory
The Chinese government is using social media to recruit sperm donors, according to a report in the New York Times...

Genes guide A-level choices 'more than environment'
20 June 2016 - by Dr Ashley Cartwright
Genetic factors influence not just achievement in further education, but also what subjects students take, a study suggests...

Genomics indicates likelihood of side effects in diabetes drug hunt
20 June 2016 - by Rikita Patel
Genomics could help predict drug side effects in patients with type 2 diabetes early in the drug development process, according to a study...

Fertility treatment provision in England violates NHS first principles
20 June 2016 - by Stephen Harbottle
Since its launch in 1948, the NHS has become the world's largest publicly funded health service and a beacon of what is possible to the rest of the world. Unless, it seems, you are finding it hard to conceive...

Pig-human organs: policing the moral boundaries
20 June 2016 - by Dr Anna Smajdor
The recent of creation of pig embryos with human DNA blurs the boundaries between animals and ourselves, giving us a chance to consider whether our moral categories are correct...

Surrogacy in Australia – a missed opportunity
13 June 2016 - by Stephen Page
A parliamentary inquiry into surrogacy laws in Australia has just reported its recommendations, but they don't go far enough and the country is likely to remain the world's largest exporters of intended parents...

Book Review: Discounted Life - The Price of Global Surrogacy in India
20 June 2016 - by Ëlo Luik
Discounted Life is a captivating look into the lives of the women who constituted the production line of India's surrogacy industry at a time when it was still legal and booming...

Radio Review: Born in Bradford
20 June 2016 - by Professor Sandy Raeburn
The Born in Bradford study, which began in 2007, has recorded data prospectively from 12,000 mothers, 4000 fathers and their 14,000 children born in Bradford General Hospital...

TV Review: Panorama – Medicine's Big Breakthrough: Editing Your Genes
13 June 2016 - by Rhys Baker
Over just 30 minutes Fergus Walsh has a lot of ground to cover here without even touching on the ethical debate. Yet, while gene editing may have 'just been made simple', how we respond to these stunning advances is anything but...

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