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BioNews, published by the Progress Educational Trust (PET), provides news and comment on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. You can subscribe to the BioNews email newsletter for free.

DNA ageing reversed in mice
27 March 2017 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars
Scientists have reversed ageing in mice by adding a chemical involved in DNA repair to their drinking water... [Read More]
Drug targeting old cells reverses ageing in mice
27 March 2017 - by Annabel Slater
A drug that reverses aspects of ageing has been successfully demonstrated in mice... [Read More]
Mathematical formula describes how sperm swim
27 March 2017 - by Rachel Reeves
The movement of sperm can be explained by a relatively simple mathematical formula, according to new research... [Read More]

Going home and forgetting about it: a different perspective on donors and donor conception
27 March 2017 - by Dr Petra Nordqvist and Hazel Burke
Until twelve years ago, most people donating eggs or sperm via a UK clinic would be anonymous. In the eyes of the law, this donation was a generous gift that was handed over without continuing responsibilities or ties for the donor. In fact, continued involvement of the donor was usually discouraged... [Read More]
It all adds up
27 March 2017 - by Sarah Norcross
The Progress Educational Trust (PET) is having to turn people away from its event 'Fertility Treatment Add-Ons: Do They Add Up?' this week – help us make our events available to all... [Read More]
IVF add-ons: A perspective from a non-profit charity
20 March 2017 - by Dr Avi Lerner
Following the Panorama documentary on IVF 'add-ons', there has been a great deal of discussion about the potential for conflicts of interest in the fertility industry... [Read More]

Podcast Review: CRISPR Updated
27 March 2017 - by Emma Laycock
Radiolab explores the science, the uses and the ethics of CRISPR in this podcast that was two years in the making... [Read More]
Video Review: The God Cells – A Fetal Stem Cell Journey
20 March 2017 - by Caroline Casey
The story of fetal-derived stem cells is explored in this documentary, from the ethics of how they're sourced and the clinical benefits some say they offer, to the barriers to licencing and their wider use... [Read More]
Book Review: Moondance
13 March 2017 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
How can you long for someone who doesn't exist? Diane Chandler's second novel charts the story of Cat and Dom as they attempt to have a child through fertility treatment... [Read More]

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