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BioNews, published by the Progress Educational Trust (PET), provides news and comment on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. You can subscribe to the BioNews email newsletter for free.

Childhood cancers linked to adult cancer genes
23 November 2015 - by Molly Godfrey
A substantial proportion of childhood cancers are caused by mutations in genes that are known to cause cancer in adults, scientists have found... [Read More]

Divorced couple's embryos must be destroyed, US judge rules
23 November 2015 - by Julia Hill
A San Francisco judge has ruled that the frozen embryos of a divorced couple should be destroyed, despite the protests of the ex-wife... [Read More]

FDA concerned over lab test loophole
23 November 2015 - by Rachel Brown
The US Food and Drug Drug Administration is embarking on strengthening its regulatory oversight over medical laboratory testing, including so-called 'laboratory developed tests'... [Read More]

CRISPR/Cas patent wars have begun at the European Patent Office
23 November 2015 - by Dr James Legg
On 26 October this year the CRISPR/Cas patent wars truly began with the filing of European oppositions against what appears to be the first patent granted in Europe for this revolutionary gene-editing technology.... [Read More]

Restoring fertility after cancer treatment: is hope on the horizon?
23 November 2015 - by Dr Edgar Mocanu
A recent study in mice raised the possibility of restoring ovarian function after chemotherapy. But before creating hype, the medical community has a duty to deliver evidence from human studies... [Read More]

Ten years since the end of donor anonymity: what next?
16 November 2015 - by Charles Lister
The Chair of the National Gamete Donation Trust argues that the whole fertility sector must take seriously the need of donor-conceived children to know about their origins... [Read More]

Theatre Review: Tomcat
16 November 2015 - by Dr Jane Currie
Tomcat is a play set in a future where state-controlled prenatal screening has eradicated all genetic conditions. Nearly all, that is... [Read More]

Radio Review: Peter Snow Returns to the Future
02 November 2015 - by Klaus Mitchell
How will the human race evolve over the next few hundred years? This is an interesting question that divides opinion among biologists. One such scientist, Professor Steve Jones, the famed British geneticist, recently discussed this topic with presenter Peter Snow on BBC Radio 4... [Read More]

Event Review: Synthetic Life - How Far Could It Go? How Far Should It Go?
26 October 2015 - by Dr Indrayani Ghangrekar
'The future of humanity is at stake tonight,' said one of the panel members prior to the Royal Institution's debate on the future of synthetic biology. There's probably some truth to that... [Read More]

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