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Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception MSc

Hannah Somers

Hannah Somers is a volunteer writer at BioNews. She is currently studying for a PhD in Molecular Microbiology, in the laboratory of Professor Liz Sockett at Nottingham University. She researches the predatory bacterium Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, working towards understanding how this organism invades other bacterial species and characterising some of its genes. She previously studied Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and has worked in education. She tweets as @therealmamabear


BioNews News articles written by Hannah Somers:


BRCA testing not offered to enough high-risk patients

13 February 2017 - by Hannah Somers

A study has indicated that US doctors may not be recommending genetic testing to a sufficient number of high-risk breast cancer patients... [Read More]

Obesity gene is no barrier to weight loss

26 September 2016 - by Hannah Somers

People carrying a gene variant linked to weight gain can benefit from weight-loss programmes just as much as those without it, research from Newcastle University has shown... [Read More]

Quick and cheap DNA tests for ovarian cancer patients 'would save lives'

18 July 2016 - by Hannah Somers

Researchers have developed a new pathway for genetically testing ovarian cancer patients which they say will save both lives and money... [Read More]

Five new risk genes unearthed in breast cancer DNA trawl

09 May 2016 - by Hannah Somers

What researchers claim as the largest-ever whole-genome sequencing study in breast cancer has revealed five previously unidentified genes which drive the development of the disease... [Read More]

DNA blood test could detect multiple diseases

21 March 2016 - by Hannah Somers

Scientists say they have been able to detect multiple diseases, including pancreatic cancer, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes, by analysing fragments of DNA in the bloodstream... [Read More]

Genetically identical twins born with different eye and skin colour

28 February 2016 - by Hannah Somers

Two baby girls from County Durham are thought to be the first genetically identical twins in the UK to be born with different eye and skin colour... [Read More]

Genetic marker predicts colon cancer chemotherapy outcome

25 January 2016 - by Hannah Somers

Scientists in the USA have identified a biomarker that could predict which patients with colon cancer might benefit from chemotherapy to prevent recurrences of the disease after surgical treatment.... [Read More]

Geneticists recognised with $3m Breakthrough Prizes

16 November 2015 - by Hannah Somers

Three geneticists have been awarded $3 million prizes for their contributions to the field of life sciences... [Read More]

Reawakening of ancient virus may trigger motor neurone disease

05 October 2015 - by Hannah Somers

Reactivation of an ancient virus embedded in the human genome may trigger the onset of motor neurone disease... [Read More]

Blood test predicts breast cancer relapse

01 September 2015 - by Hannah Somers

Scientists have developed a blood test that can predict several months in advance which breast cancer patients will relapse.




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