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Daryl Ramai

Daryl Ramai was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and a medical student at St George's University in Grenada, and currently doing rotations in New York. Previously, he studied Chemistry at York College, City University of New York where his essay 'The dendritic cell and its role in regulating adaptive immunity' was a winner of the Nobel Science Challenge in Medicine and Physiology. While at York College his research focused on the use of mass spectrometry to study protein structure and drug interactions. Daryl is also a science writer for the American Chemical Society's award winning magazines inChemistry and Chemmatters and, in addition to academic papers, is coauthor of a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics (buy this book from Amazon UK). His current research interests include clinical anatomy, medical education, and global health.


BioNews News articles written by Daryl Ramai:


Eye teeth: Dental stem cells could be used to treat corneal scarring

02 March 2015 - by Daryl Ramai

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, have shown in mice that stem cells from the dental pulp, the inner part of the tooth made of tissue and cells, can be turned into cells of the eye's cornea... [Read More]

Epigenetic 'switches' could cause cancer

04 August 2014 - by Daryl Ramai

Scientists at the Children's Nutrition Research Center, USA have shown that epigenetic changes alone could cause cancer.... [Read More]

Non-invasive DNA test picks up more colon cancers and more false positives

24 March 2014 - by Daryl Ramai

A stool-sample DNA test has detected 92 percent of colon cancers in a large clinical trial, compared to 74 percent picked up by the most commonly used non-invasive test... [Read More]

New York State launches genomic medicine project with $105 million

13 January 2014 - by Daryl Ramai

The New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has announced a US$105 million partnership between the New York Genome Center (NYGC) and the University of Buffalo (UB) to accelerate genomic research in the region.... [Read More]

Gout mostly genetic, study suggests

16 December 2013 - by Daryl Ramai

Alcohol and a diet rich in animal protein may not be solely responsible for gout formation, as the inflammatory disease could be genetically related, according to a nationwide population study in Taiwan... [Read More]

'Pan-cancer' genome studies spot patterns across tumour types

30 September 2013 - by Daryl Ramai

Molecular similarities among different tumour types have been identified, revealing new ways to classify cancer... [Read More]

Genetically modified mice live longer

02 September 2013 - by Daryl Ramai

Scientists have extended the lifespan of mice by partially suppressing a gene associated with energy balance and metabolism... [Read More]

Higher risk of childhood cancer for those born from women with fertility problems

05 August 2013 - by Daryl Ramai

Children born from mothers with fertility problems are at a higher risk of developing cancers during childhood and young adulthood, according to a large Danish study... [Read More]

Prostate cancer gene test will help patients 'avoid unnecessary treatment'

13 May 2013 - by Daryl Ramai

A genetic test released in the USA claims to be able to score the aggressiveness of prostate cancer before medical intervention, helping men with the condition decide if and when to start receiving treatment.... [Read More]

Cancer Research UK looks to recruit citizen scientists with gene hunt phone game

04 March 2013 - by Daryl Ramai

Leading technology groups team up with Cancer Research UK to develop a mobile phone app that will allow the public to sift through large amounts of genetic data in a bid to accelerate cancer research... [Read More]




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