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King's College London - Health: More than a medical matter

Daniel Malynn

Daniel Malynn

Daniel Malynn is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and a Volunteer at the charity that publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). He has completed the Bar Professional Training Course at Brierley Price Prior Law School, under the auspices of a Scholarship from the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. Previously, he studied Law at the University of Kent where he was also a Volunteer at the Kent Law Clinic. He is particularly interested in medical ethics, consent and personhood, and he tweets as @DCMalynn


BioNews Comment articles written by Daniel Malynn:

Progress Educational Trust conference: Multiple choice question

06 January 2014 - by Daniel Malynn

The third session of 'Double Take: Twins in Genetics and Fertility Treatment' covered a broad range of opinions and specialties. There was discussion of patient choice over embryo transfer, talk of treatment access and decisions over genetic testing... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Daniel Malynn:

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Event Review: Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples

16 December 2013 - by Daniel Malynn

This event, hosted by the Bar Council, looked the options and potential pitfalls same-sex couples can face can face in accessing surrogacy both in the UK and overseas... [Read More]

TV Review: The Midwives - Old Mum, Young Mum

02 September 2013 - by Daniel Malynn

This episode of the BBC's 'The Midwives' documented some of the varying difficulties experienced by older and younger mothers... [Read More]

Radio Review: Inside the Ethics Committee - Assisted Conception and Disability

12 August 2013 - by Daniel Malynn

Joan Bakewell presents the case of Rosemary, a 36-year-old woman with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome undergoing IVF... [Read More]

TV Review: The Only Way is Essex

08 April 2013 - by Daniel Malynn

The Only Way is Essex, commonly known as TOWIE, has moved on from vajazzling (don't ask), love triangles, and weight loss to surrogacy. For those hoping that this subject is treated with respect and sensitivity, you'll be sorely disappointed.... [Read More]

TV Review: The New Normal

25 February 2013 - by Daniel Malynn

The New Normal is the latest American sitcom to come speeding across the Atlantic. Before you run for cover saying 'no more' and grasp tightly to your worn out box set of Friends, the New Normal (we are told) is different, fresh and let's be honest very camp... [Read More]

TV Review: Win a Baby

15 October 2012 - by Daniel Malynn

'Win a Baby' follows the trials and tribulations of Camille Strachan, a former City worker and model, who plans to launch the UK's first IVF lottery. Unlike many documentaries where the maker's own thoughts are thrust in front of anyone else's, the commentary is fairly neutral, allowing viewers space to form their own opinions... [Read More]

TV Review: What's My Body Worth?

28 August 2012 - by Daniel Malynn

In this documentary of extremes, freelance journalist and documentary producer Storm Theunissen finds out how cash-strapped Britons can make money using their bodies. On one side, you have Storm's outlandish plans to make money by selling urine and earwax for medical testing. On the other, there is an altogether more interesting and insightful look at egg donation in both the UK and USA.... [Read More]

TV Review: Health Explained - How to Make Stem Cells

16 July 2012 - by Daniel Malynn

As a viewer I do not ask for much from a show; just to be a little informative, maybe some whimsical anecdote - I did not even get this from this short film. Instead, what I got was two and a half minutes of footage mostly of people opening doors and looking 'sciency' behind weird music.... [Read More]

TV Review: 4thought - Should We Be Allowed to Design Babies?

21 May 2012 - by Daniel Malynn

These seven short films provide little more than a string of provocative quotations, which do little in themselves to foster a good debate of a complex issue. While all the speakers' opinions and experiences provide a range of views on the issues raised by genetic screening, there is a clear lack of consistency in some of the arguments. The question posed in the title loosely runs throughout but the films lack collective coherency with little linkage between them.... [Read More]

Film Review: Legal Cases Involving Donor Conception

08 May 2012 - by Daniel Malynn

This short film provides an overview of the law surrounding known donor agreements and evokes some interesting conclusions. As part of a sociological research project entitled 'Relative Strangers' at the University of Manchester, Professor Carol Smart examines the courts' approach to known donation... [Read More]

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