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The Fertility Show, Manchester Central, 24-25 March 2018

Charlie McDermott

Charlie McDermott was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.


BioNews News articles written by Charlie McDermott:

Blood vessels grown from stem cells

12 April 2010 - by Charlie McDermott

Stem cell-derived blood vessels grown in the lab could replace artificial versions currently used in heart bypass surgery, following a recent animal study... [Read More]

Infertile UK woman treated with Viagra

29 March 2010 - by Charlie McDermott

Infertile Kerry Horan, 34, gave birth after being given Viagra... [Read More]

Human Epigenome project launched

15 February 2010 - by Charlie McDermott

The International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC), launched in Paris last week, plans to map 1,000 reference epigenomes within a decade... [Read More]

Apology for Huntington's test blunder

24 January 2010 - by Charlie McDermott

A nursing director from the UK's National Health Service (NHS) has issued a public apology to a patient - known as Mr C - and his family after he had been misdiagnosed with Huntington's disease (HD) for almost 20 years. The original genetic test for HD was issued in 1989, when Mr C was in his early 30s, and carried a four per cent chance for false positives. It is believed that Mr C fell into this four per cent and his case has been described as 'extremely rare, if not unique',... [Read More]



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