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Cathy Holding

Cathy Holding was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and is an internationally published writer on science and medicine. She is a full-time medical writer at the communications agency PreScript, and has previously written for the Guardian and Independent newspapers and for New Scientist and The Scientist magazines. Prior to her writing career, she worked in biomedical research for 20 years, and is especially proud of her work with Professor Marilyn Monk.


BioNews Review articles written by Cathy Holding:

TV Review: Postcode Lottery

12 March 2012 - by Cathy Holding

IVF is only miraculous and life-changing if it works, but in some areas of the country you're less likely to be able to try on the NHS. BBC One's 'Postcode Lottery' follows a couple who could attempt treatment if they lived elsewhere... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Cathy Holding:

IVF increases risk of blood clots during pregnancy, say scientists

21 January 2013 - by Cathy Holding

Women who conceive using IVF are at a higher risk of lethal blood clots during pregnancy compared to women who conceive naturally... [Read More]

Third of UK women entitled to IVF turned away by GPs, survey suggests

03 September 2012 - by Cathy Holding

Around one in three women who are entitled to receive IVF are being denied this right, according to a survey carried out by the National Infertility Awareness Campaign (NIAC)... [Read More]

IVF can't beat biological clock, warns Yale fertility expert

16 April 2012 - by Cathy Holding

A leading fertility expert in the USA has warned of young women's have serious misconceptions about their own fertility... [Read More]

Pivotal heart disease stem cell trial launched

05 March 2012 - by Cathy Holding

A major clinical trial to investigate a stem cell treatment for chronic ischemic heart disease (IHD) – a leading cause of death around the world – has begun in the US... [Read More]

Heart attack scars healed in stem cell safety trial

20 February 2012 - by Cathy Holding

A stem cell-based therapy aiming to reverse the damage caused by heart attacks has shown positive results in an early clinical trial... [Read More]

Brain cells made from skin cells, bypassing stem cell phase

06 February 2012 - by Cathy Holding

Mouse skin cells have been converted directly into neural precursor cells which go on to form the major cells in the brain... [Read More]



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