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Dr Caroline Hirst

Dr Caroline Hirst was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and a Research Fellow in the Neural Development Unit at University College London's Institute of Child Health. Her research to date has focused on developmental genetics, and her current research - which is funded by the Medical Research Council, and conducted under the supervision of Professor Andrew Copp and Dr Nicholas Greene - focuses on the pathogenesis of neural tube defects in mammals. In particular, she is researching the molecular and cellular role of Grainyhead-like genes, and their influence on neural tube closure in early embryonic mouse development. Previously, she studied Human Genetics at the University of Nottingham, where she went on to obtain a PhD conducting research into the key genetic signals involved in neural fate choice during early zebrafish development.


BioNews News articles written by Dr Caroline Hirst:

DNA damage during chemotherapy can trigger treatment resistance

13 August 2012 - by Dr Caroline Hirst

Chemotherapy can produce a rogue response that eventually leads to tumours becoming resistant to treatment, scientists have found... [Read More]

Alzheimer's brain cells grown from skin cells of Down's syndrome patients

20 February 2012 - by Dr Caroline Hirst

Skin cells from volunteers with Down's syndrome have been turned into brain cells in order to provide a new model for researchers to study Alzheimer's disease... [Read More]

Vitamins improve pregnancy rates of subfertile women in small study

05 December 2011 - by Dr Caroline Hirst

Women receiving fertility treatment are more likely to become pregnant if they take multivitamin supplements, reports a UK pilot study... [Read More]

Stem cell patch to prevent premature birth

26 September 2011 - by Dr Caroline Hirst

Tissue engineers from the UK have, for the first time, developed an artificial fetal membrane from human stem cells to be used as a ‘repair patch' to prevent premature births... [Read More]

Stem cell trial for MS patients begins

01 August 2011 - by Dr Caroline Hirst

UK scientists are launching a global clinical trial to test the potential and safety of stem cells to treat multiple sclerosis (MS)... [Read More]

Gene editing success for haemophilia

11 July 2011 - by Dr Caroline Hirst

Scientists have, for the first time, successfully treated a blood disorder by repairing errors in the DNA of a living animal. Researchers from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, together with California-based Sangamo BioSciences, have applied an innovative genome editing technique to treat haemophilia B, which affects around one in 30,000 boys and men... [Read More]

Genetic variation linked to infertility in women, claims study

31 May 2011 - by Dr Caroline Hirst

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, USA, have found a link between female infertility and genetic variation in a gene regulating cholesterol uptake... [Read More]



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