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Issue 752 (06 May 2014)

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Welcome to BioNews by email, published by the Progress Educational Trust, providing you with news, comment and reviews on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. 

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Surrogacy: Perspectives from a commercial model
06 May 2014 - by Andrew Powell
I've always been interested in the law related to surrogacy. Through the Pegasus Scholarship Scheme founded by the Inner Temple, I obtained a placement at a law firm in Los Angeles that specialised in surrogacy and fertility law. I was keen to see how commercial surrogacy operates within a regulated paradigm... [Read More]

News Digest

Human stem cells repair heart damage in monkeys
06 May 2014 - by Dr Rachael Panizzo
Heart cells derived from human embryonic stem cells are capable of regenerating damaged heart muscle in primates, a US study has found... [Read More]
One in three carry gene variant that increases bowel cancer risk
06 May 2014 - by James Brooks
A genetic variant carried by one in three people raises the risk of bowel cancer for people who eat a lot of processed meat, a study has found... [Read More]
Insulin-producing cells created by cloning
06 May 2014 - by Dr Gabrielle Samuel
Researchers have transformed embryonic stem cells from a diabetic woman into insulin-producing beta cells, a study in Nature reports... [Read More]
Genetic ancestry test claims to find 'village where your DNA was formed'
06 May 2014 - by Matthew Thomas
Geneticists claim to have developed a way of finding where in the world a person's DNA originated... [Read More]
Mother's diet may affect baby's genes
06 May 2014 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars
Research in the Gambia has found that different diets, coinciding with rainy and dry seasons, influence a baby's gene expression.... [Read More]
Skin cells from infertile men transformed into early-stage sperm
06 May 2014 - by Siobhan Chan
Skin tissue from infertile men has been converted into sperm cell precursors after their stem cells were transplanted into mice... [Read More]


Book Review: The Pursuit of Motherhood
06 May 2014 - by Dr Vivienne Raper
This journey through one woman's seven-year quest to conceive could be best described as a cross between Eat, Pray, Love and Bridget Jones’ Diary... [Read More]



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