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Issue 744 (03 March 2014)

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Welcome to BioNews by email, published by the Progress Educational Trust, providing you with news, comment and reviews on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. 

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Improving quality of care for IVF patients
03 March 2014 - by Peter Thompson
IVF in the UK is thriving. But is it as good as it could be? We at the HFEA want to think about how we can get the best out of the IVF sector in the UK... [Read More]

News Digest

Teenager uncovers genetics behind her own rare cancer
03 March 2014 - by Rhys Baker
A recovering teenage cancer patient is a lead author of a study into the rare form of liver cancer she contracted. The research, published in Science, identified a key mutation that may explain the uncontrolled growth of the tumour... [Read More]
Children of older men have greater risk of mental illness
03 March 2014 - by Dr Barbara Kramarz
Children born to fathers who are 45 years old or older are more likely to develop serious mental illness than children born to fathers in their early twenties, a large-scale study comparing siblings suggests... [Read More]
Women with BRCA mutation 'should have ovaries removed by age 35'
03 March 2014 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Ovary removal to prevent cancer in those with BRCA1 mutations should be carried out by 35, according to research on cancer survival... [Read More]
Stem cells move scientists closer to 'Holy Grail for liver biologists'
03 March 2014 - by Dr Naqash Raja
'Mini livers' grown from mouse stem cells could reduce the need for laboratory testing on animals, thanks to research from the University of Cambridge.... [Read More]
Draft regulations on mitochondrial donation published
03 March 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
The UK Department of Health has published draft guidelines for the use of new techniques to prevent mothers passing on serious mitochondrial diseases to their children. The guidelines will be the subject of a three-month consultation... [Read More]
FDA Advisory Committee weighs up mitochondrial replacement
03 March 2014 - by Chee Hoe Low
The USA's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering whether to allow human clinical trials of mitochondrial replacement, an IVF technique that uses gametes from three people... [Read More]


Event Review: Should Genes be Public?
03 March 2014 - by Karen Birmingham
The eight professors, including two Knights, who contributed to this event, were given a relatively easy time by the public, possibly because there was little time for questions or perhaps because the case for mass genotyping projects had been convincing... [Read More]



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