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Issue 734 (09 December 2013)

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Welcome to BioNews by email, published by the Progress Educational Trust, providing you with news, comment and reviews on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. 

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A whiff of fear down the generations
09 December 2013 - by Professor Marcus Pembrey
Last week saw a lot of media interest around a US study published in Nature Neuroscience reporting the transgenerational effects of fear-conditioning in mice... [Read More]

News Digest

23andMe faces lawsuit, stops offering health analysis
09 December 2013 - by Ruth Saunders
Genetic testing company 23andMe, which last week suspended the sale of its health-related genetic tests, is now facing a class action lawsuit in California over its marketing claims.... [Read More]
Male pill on horizon
09 December 2013 - by Dr Katie Howe
A reversible way of stopping sperm cells being ejaculated has been identified in mice. The research could pave the way for the development of a male contraceptive pill... [Read More]
Woman sues Irish Government over surrogacy maternity benefits
09 December 2013 - by Antony Blackburn-Starza
A woman in Ireland whose child was born through surrogacy is challenging the Government's refusal to pay her maternity leave, alleging that it amounts to unlawful discrimination, reports the Irish Times... [Read More]
Widow begins fight to keep husband's sperm
09 December 2013 - by María Victoria Rivas Llanos
A woman is seeking an extension in the storage of her late husband's sperm at the UK's High Court... [Read More]
Lung cells grown from stem cells for first time
09 December 2013 - by Dr Greg Ball
Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) have been transformed into lung and airway cells for the first time... [Read More]
Non-IVF fertility treatments mean multiple births stay high in USA
09 December 2013 - by Dr Victoria Burchell
A high level of twin, triplet and other multiple births in the USA may be down to a rise in fertility treatments like ovarian stimulation being used independently of IVF... [Read More]


Radio Review: Inside Science - The Personal Genome Project
09 December 2013 - by María Victoria Rivas Llanos
The Personal Genome Project (PGP) was launched in the UK the last November. The project, which was set up in USA in 2005, works on open access of genome sequence information of the 100,000 expected participants... [Read More]
Film Review: Dance Your PhD
09 December 2013 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars
Dancing cocks (that's male chickens, cheeky) in tight speedos fighting over a scantily clad egg might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about PhD theses. However, that just about describes this year's winner of Science magazine's Dance Your PhD contest... [Read More]



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